Meet The CEO That Is Empowering Brands And Artists Worldwide To Create Value Through NFTs

Hundreds of NFT projects have been founded in recent years, but for Galaxis co-founder Andras Kristof, that's not nearly enough.

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Web3 Move-To-Earn Startup STEPN Teams Up With Adidas For Generative NFT Sneakers

1,000 co-branded Genesis Sneaker NFTs priced at 10,000 GMT (Stepn's native token) will be available on Solana and will be raffled on STEPN's marketplace, MOOAR

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Starbucks Shuts Down its NFT Rewards Program "Odyssey"

In September 2022, the company announced its digital collectable stamps as an NFT for U.S. members to create an accessible Web3 community that will enable new ways to engage with members and employees

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IRCTC Embraces Holi-themed NFTs for 2 Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Trains

IRCTC believes that these tickets are not merely digital souvenirs; they are a celebration of the rich cultural tapestry of Lucknow and Delhi

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Are NFTs Back? Why NFTs Will Make a Comeback in 2024

Just as the broader crypto industry matured during the down market, the same can be said for NFTs.

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Club Mahindra Launches First NFT Collection to Discover India

The collection, inspired by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Edvard Munch, Katsushika Hokusai, and Rabindranath Tagore will show select Club Mahindra resorts in iconic art styles


Navigating the Web3 Landscape: Simplify Tech and Improving Adoption Rate

The panellists discuss what is the future of Web3 adoption, especially of blockchain, in India. One can say that among all the technologies, artificial intelligence has been far ahead of its contemporary technologies. However, blockchain is not lagging far behind.


Por qué la próxima oleada al alza de las criptomonedas será como nada que hayamos experimentado antes

Estamos al borde de lo que podría ser la mayor transferencia de riqueza que haya ocurrido en la historia de la humanidad.

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International NFT Day: Celebrating Digital Ownership

In India, the NFT market size is expected to record a CAGR of 61.6 per cent, going from USD 3.3 billion in 2021 to USD 27 billion by 2028. In fact, the country is home to the third largest number of NFT start-ups worldwide, after the USA and Singapore.

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OneRare Partners with Salad Days to Launch NFTs in the Foodverse

By leveraging digital collectibles, Salad Days aims to reach a diverse customer base including the likes of gamers, collectors, and enthusiasts from around the globe and aims to position itself as an innovative and forward-thinking brand.

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Grimes, Who Once Banked $5.8 Million in 20 Minutes By Selling Crypto Art, Says She's Made More From NFTs Than From Her Entire Music Career

She recently offered to split 50% of royalties with anyone who made a song featuring her AI vocals.

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NFT Marketplace Rarible Sees a Rise in Trading Volume After Commiting to Creator Royalties

DappRadar, a data analytics platform, reported that Rariable saw an uptick in volume up 637 per cent between August 22 and 23. At the time of writing this article, Rariable's volume reached over USD 45,000 with an average ticket size of USD 292.29.

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Coca-Cola Unveils its "Masterpiece" NFT Collection

The collection launch is a part of the "Onchain Summer" campaign on Base which celebrates on-chain art, gaming and music projects on the platform. The campaign will last till August 30.

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Apple's Anti-NFT, Blockchain, and DLT App Store Policies Launch Lawmaker Probe

United States Representatives Gus Bilirakis and Jan Schakowsky highlighted the tech giant's guidelines that prioritise its profitability and diminish the utility of such applications. They particularly mention cases related to Coinbase and Axie Infinity.


Unlocking Liquidity through NFT Lending

NFT lending is a practice where one can borrow or lend digital assets for a stipulated period, typically against interest or collateral. There are four structures in the system- Peer-to-peer NFT lending, Peer-to-protocol NFT lending, Non-fungible debt positions, and NFT rentals.