Operating Systems

The Demand for IT Is Here to Stay

The pandemic has fueled and accelerated digital transformation.

Steve Taplin

Use PC Apps on Your Mac Thanks to Parallels Pro

Why do you have to choose between operating systems? You don't anymore.

What Investment Can Top Microsoft Before Windows's Release? This One Just Might.

NanoVMs is a Silicon Valley-based firm that thinks it's crafted the ultimate alternative to the Linux operating system.


Switching to Windows 11? Learn How to Use It.

Familiarize yourself with Windows 11 before making the switch.

An Ode to Mobile Preference – Operating Systems

The elements that drive the mobile phone market in India

Aastha Singal

Mobile Operating Systems Drive Better User Experience

The mobile operating system (OS) ensures the interoperability of the hardware and software in your device and enables smartphones, tablets and wearables to run apps

Tao Li

Five New features of Google's Android P You Can't Afford to Miss

With this new OS, Google is promising to take care of three major categories: Simplicity, Intelligence, and Digital Wellbeing.

Nidhi Singh

How Secure Is Your Android Device For A Digital Transaction?

There are more the 2 billion active Android devices, making it by far the largest operating system in the world

Here Are A Few Ways To Save Your Data From Ransomware

Indian National Cyber Security Advisor has claimed about 100 systems were attacked in the country

Pavan Kushwaha

Sorry Windows, Android Is the World's Most Popular OS

Android eked out a win against Windows for global OS market share, according to StatCounter.

Oracle, Google Fail to Settle Android Lawsuit Before Retrial

After a deadlocked jury in 2012, the companies failed to reach an agreement at a settlement conference last week.


Not Promoting From Within? Ignoring Financial Statements? Don't Be Stupid.

A lot of times, business owners do really dumb things that they would probably tell another business owner not to do.

Carol Roth