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Salesforce or Abobe? The choice is undeniably clear

As the markets get drunk on their excitement over technology stocks, a few cracks begin to show, play this arbitrage deal on Salesforce against Adobe

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The CEO of Salesforce Pulled Out All the Stops to Poach OpenAI's Talent — But Now Sam Altman Is Back

Marc Benioff attempted to snag the industry's top talent.


Marc Benioff de Salesforce, abre las puertas de su empresa a los empleados de OpenAI que quieran unírsele

El ejecutivo publicó una serie de mensajes desde su cuenta de X, invitando al talento a desarrollar su unidad de inteligencia artificial.

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What Does Einstein GPT Mean for Salesforce Stock Price?

Some investors see Salesforce's integration as a major tailwind, while others are not so optimistic. Here's both sides of the story.

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ChatGPT Is Coming to Slack: 'There Couldn't Be a More Natural Fit'

The artificial intelligence platform is partnering with Slack to help individuals "move work forward faster."


How to Be An Accountable Leader During an Age of Layoffs

If you are a leader, you eat last. Here's how to lead by example during economic uncertainty.

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Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff's Rambling All-Hands Meeting Led to Angry Employees, Apologies

One exec reached out to apologize and suggested those who missed the meeting avoid watching a video replay.

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Salesforce Cutting 10% of Employees, Closing Some Offices

Marc Benioff said the layoffs were due to over-hiring during the pandemic.

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Marc Benioff Tells Salesforce Employees New Hires Are Less Productive

In a Slack message, the Salesforce co-CEO asked for input about reduced productivity.


Así funciona, el buscador que quiere desafiar a Google

El emprendedor Richard Socher ha trabajado durante más de una década en un proyecto que promete una experiencia de búsqueda distinta.

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3 Software Plays Showing Signs of Recovery

Some software plays have staged particularly convincing rebounds that suggest it's uphill from here. Let's look at three of the biggest moves that are helping the software group hit the...


Journey To Saas-Y Salesforce

Arundhati Bhattacharya, Salesforce India's chairperson and CEO, shares her success mantra of becoming a techie from a banker

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'Your Choice': Salesforce CEO Will Relocate Texas Employees Due to Abortion Ban

"These are incredibly personal issues that directly impact many of us -- especially women."

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Hiring Crunch Drags Down Small Business Revenues

A new survey by Salesforce (pdf) shows that 53.3 percent of small and medium-sized businesses said staffing issues have been a drag on revenues.