Chip shortages affect you more than you think

It is believed that it will not be until 2023 that production returns to normal.

Elon Musk makes Samsung stocks skyrocket by tweeting about 'Baby Shark'

Shares in South Korean firm Samsung Publishing soared on Wednesday.

Emily Rella

Samsung Mocks Apple in Its New Smartphone Announcement, But It Backfires: Videos

To promote the new Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung once again turned to a trustworthy old tactic: poking fun at Apple. But the marketing has elicited ruthless criticism.

Videos of the Samsung Glasses Lite, augmented reality glasses, are filtered

The Samsung Glasses Lite and Samsung AR Glasses that would theoretically allow users to attend holographic virtual meetings, consult content and play games.

Samsung TV Plus Streaming Arrives in Mexico, Samsung's Free Netflix

You only need to be the owner of a Samsung Smart TV to access the 20 channels offered by their equipment at no cost.

Why an Android Smartphone Devalues Twice as Much as an iPhone in One Year

An iPhone loses an average of 16.70% of its price a year after its arrival on the market, while an Android phone reduces its value by 33.62 percent.

This Samsung Refrigerator Suggests Recipes, Plans Your Diet and Even Does Grocery Shopping

Plus, the tech firm's smart fridge syncs with other appliances to send cooking instructions.

What Do You Understand About Innovation? We Present the Case of Pepsi.

Multiple brands go to great lengths to innovate their products and services. However, several fail to generate and implement those changes that could help meet the objectives set.

Samsung deleted posts where it mocked Apple for not adding a charger, following the probability that the Galaxy S21 will be sold in the same way

It is said that the South Korean technology company will not add the charger inside the box, at least in the markets of Europe and Brazil.

This Will Be the New Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra

The disappearance of one of its characteristic elements is affirmed, which is the curved screen.

Google Assistant now present on Samsung Smart TVs

Along with Amazon Alexa and Bixby, Google Assistant is built into Samsung smart TVs.