Get On-Demand Interpreter Service With This Pocket-Sized Device

Make toasts and conduct business in 12 languages with this real-time translator.

Entrepreneur Store

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The 4 Top Business Investments Right Now

Green energy and high-tech industries are best bets for savvy entrepreneurs looking to diversify.

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This New Translation Tech Will Smash the Language Barrier to Doing Business Globally

The ability to translate between languages quickly and inexpensively opens vast new possibilities.

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4 Common Sayings in Business Translated -- Finally!

Business is full of clich├ęs. Three successful entrepreneurs turn all that "blah blah blah" into a real advantage.

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These App Designers Have Carved Out Niches in Areas Like the Pet and Investment Industries

It's a cluttered app market out there, but these four companies have found a way to stand out.

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Xerox's New Tech Scans Documents in One Language Then Prints Them in Another

The Easy Translator Service is available through the company's multifunction printers, a web portal and an iOS and Android app.

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Google Translate Now Covers 99% of the Online Population

Just before Google Translate's 10th birthday, the service has hit a major milestone.

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4 Reasons Your Business Should Market to the Hispanic Community

Cultural adaptation "translates" into bigger sales.

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Google's Translate App to Offer Instant Speech-to-Text Translation on Mobile Phones

The update echoes similar efforts currently being spearheaded by Microsoft's Skype.

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Zuckerberg's Grasp of Mandarin Has a Big Lesson for Businesses

As any good salesperson knows, speak their language and you're halfway there.

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Going Global? Don't Let Your Business Get Lost in Translation.

Break down communication barriers. Deploy a fast, integrated solution capable of linguistic nuances that can be executed for a multiplicity of formats.

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