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AI vs. Human Translators: Who Will Win the Translation Battle?

Millions of people use AI daily to translate various texts, but can AI capture emotional nuance and replace human translators?

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Exclusive Black Friday Price: Wireless Translation Earbuds are Now $90

It sounds like Black Friday came early.

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These Translation Earbuds are Only $99.97 During Our Back-to-School Sale

Speak a language without knowing it with these 37-language translator earbuds.

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Can Humans Trust AI For Language Translation?

AI technology has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionizing almost every industry. However, the question remains: can global businesses fully rely on AI for translation?

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These Translation Earbuds Know 50 Languages and Could Help You Expand Your Customer Base

Find out how business owners can increase customer satisfaction using a pair of $80 translation earbuds.

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Take Your Business Global with These Translator Earbuds

Timekettle's WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds are designed to deliver optimal, high-end translation technology that can be remarkably valuable for entrepreneurs.

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Take Your Business International with These Award-Winning Translation Earbuds

The Mymanu CLIK S uses machine learning to offer real-time speech-to-speech translations in over 37 languages.

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Instantly Translate Speech with These Award-Winning Earbuds

These earbuds let you communicate with two billion people worldwide.


This Ingenious Pen Can Translate 122 Languages

Help make international business a little easier with this translator pen.

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3 Impacts of AI in the Machine Translation Industry

Recent advances have proven superb results that can provide multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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This Translation Device Streamlines International Communication

If you need translation services, look no further than the Langogo Summit.

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Twitter Is Testing Automatic Tweet Translation

Rather than having to tap a translation button, Twitter is experimenting with automatically translating tweets into your language of choice.

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This App is Like Having a Personal Translator by Your Side at All Times

Translate documents and marketing materials more effectively with LingaNex Translator.

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Google Translate App to Transcribe and Translate in Real Time

The work will be done on Google's servers, not your phone, but this will make the Google Translate app even more useful.