How to Start a Clothing Store


There are lots of reasons why advertising is important for a business startup, but in the apparel business, it comes down to a couple of things. Not only do you want to convince potential customers once and for all that you've got more to offer than Banana Republic or Ann Taylor, you want to make sure you have a strong image, like Banana Republic or Ann Taylor. In short, you need to create the desire to come into your store instead of those of your more established apparel competitors. If your ideal customer never strolls past your store, you'll hope that he or she at least pays attention to the mail and mass media.

Try to look at advertising as not just another business expense but as a way of building your sales. Whatever media you decide will work best within your community, your advertising campaign should be well planned, distinctive and consistent with your store image. Advertising informs your customers about the merchandise you carry and your store's special events, services and sales. And it's also going to be all those things that Advertising 101 says it should be: simple, straightforward, informative and eye-catching.

You'll have to decide the most effective way to advertise your store by taking a good look at your business and at your potential customers. In doing so, you might ponder the following questions:

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