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Getting Started

'Funded' Doesn't Necessarily Mean 'Validated'
While an absence of funding can feel discouraging, don't let investment serve as the sole barometer for the worth of your enterprise.

Getting Started Articles and Videos

On The Money

Figuring out how much cash you really need to start your business
April 20, 2006 in Getting Started

Hanging on to Equity During Pre-Launch

You need funding for your pre-launch stage. But how much equity should you give up to get it?
December 23, 2002 in Getting Started

Get Funding Without Giving up Your Company

Do investors want an enormous piece of the pie? Find out how to negotiate them down.
November 25, 2002 in Getting Started

The Art of Raising Money

When is the best time to raise money? Answer these vital questions to find out.
June 17, 2002 in Getting Started

Model Behavior

Abstract number sorcery won't cut it anymore. Investors want to know exactly how you're going to make money.
March 1, 2002 in Getting Started

Write Soon

Regardless of whether your investors' intentions are honorable, you can make sure their letter of intent is.
October 1, 2001 in Getting Started

Translating the Term Sheet

An investment firm has made you an offer. Now learn what the numbers mean.
August 20, 2001 in Getting Started

It Figures

How to determine how much of a line of credit you need for your growing business
December 1, 2000 in Getting Started

How Much Money Do You Need?

You need money to start a new business--but how much exactly? Here are eight easy ways to do the math.
April 1, 2000 in Getting Started
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