Marketing Agency vs. Business Owner: Who's to Blame When Leads Don't Convert to Customers?

I've said it before, and I'll never stop saying it, marketing is a collaborative effort between the agency and the client.

Jackie Cullen

How I Built a Sales Funnel That Generates Over $80 Million

Improve your sales funnels for more conversions with these marketing tactics.

Joy Gendusa

Indian Smartphone Market Likely To Fall By a Third In October-December: Report

The report stated that November saw the steepest monthly decline ever with around 50% sequentially and 43% on-year, as in low demand for the high-volume entry-level smartphone segment continued to take a hit

Teena Jose

6 Skills That Separate the Best From the Rest in Technology Sales

Discover the data-backed rubric for better tech salespeople.

Andy Springer

As Recession and Inflation Fears Loom Over The Holidays, Retailers Need an Extra Strategic Approach This Season

By preparing for the upcoming holiday season year-round as opposed to just in the second half of the year, retailers can directly apply lessons learned from the previous year, effectively plan for various scenarios based on different external factors (i.e., inflation) and get a head start on competitors.

Ben Richmond

3 Smart Ways to Differentiate Your Ecommerce Business and Give Customers What They Really Want

It's time for businesses to break up with ecommerce best practices. Here's why — and what to do instead.

Eric Netsch

This Real Estate Hack Will Make Selling A Property Easier in 2023

As the recession rages on, use this real estate hack to sell more properties.

Sean Boyle

This Is Your Secret Weapon for Better Customer Experience

Adopting this model will help unite your customer-facing teams, so they can focus on providing a singular, cohesive experience to consumers, no matter where or how they buy.

Margaret Wise

Businesses are Struggling. This Technology is Set to Spark a Revolution for Business

Margins are narrowing, and a typical business doesn't have the same depth of resources to draw on to sustain itself through hard times.

Alon Ghelber

6 Reasons Your Small Business Is Struggling (and How to Fix Them)

If your small business is struggling, there are a few likely culprits. Perhaps you're not marketing effectively, you're not pricing your products or services correctly or you're not providing excellent customer service. Whatever the reason, read on to turn things around.

Murali Nethi

Here's What Really Builds Customer Loyalty in the B2B Industry

While experience loyalty has been around the B2C world for decades, the B2B industry is now catching on that delighting customers doesn't build loyalty. Here's what does.

Brandon Spear

3 Overlooked Ways to Go the Extra Mile and Close More Sales

When you're trying to make the sale, your hard work doesn't end once you leave the meeting with your potential customer. Here are three tips to ensure you stay on top of leads and continue to follow through with potential customers so they can buy from you.

Lesley Pyle