How Can I Get More Site Traffic?

By John Arnold

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I run a niche construction company doing earthquake retrofitting. This is a one-and-done service. How can I get more site visitors and better conversions?
More traffic and better conversions can come from many different types of marketing initiatives, so here’s a basic summary of the main ingredients that typically go into increasing website traffic and conversion rates. I’ll assume that your services satisfy the needs of your market at a reasonable price, there are enough people in your market who need your services and your marketing budget is adequate for reaching enough people in your target market.

The basic goal of marketing is to make change attractive. In your case, you need to make more people believe that changing the structure of their homes to protect against earthquakes is an attractive way to spend their money. Your advertising needs to show the benefits of making these changes. Your online advertisements should use a combination of pictures, video, and text to make your case. Place your ads on search engines, display advertising networks, and social media sites and target them to people in earthquake zones who own homes and can afford your services. Test different versions of your ads continuously -- changing one variable at a time -- so you’re always sure you’re getting the best response rates.

Every time your advertising generates a visitor, your website should immediately provide links and information to address the following three types of visitors.

  1. Visitors who are ready to buy right away. These visitors need to see your contact information, but you also need to include good reasons to contact you immediately, such as an incentive or a sense of urgency.

  2. Visitors who are not ready to buy, but they are interested enough to learn more about your services right away. These visitors need to see links to all the information that can help them see the benefits of a purchase decision. You should use pictures and videos, ratings and reviews from satisfied customers, and anything else that makes your company appear as a better choice than any substitutes for your services.

  3. Visitors who are not ready to buy, and they don’t have time to learn about your services right away either. These visitors need a way to stay in touch so they can learn about your services when the time is right. Offer these visitors an incentive to join your email list, follow you on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to your blogs. That way, you can keep your business top-of-mind by sending them periodic updates and information.

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