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How can I improve my interview skills with HR?

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I just was rejected for a position for which I was eminently qualified. I could not imagine that many others could surpass me. I've spoken to people who manage to get hired five times in a year, but are demonstrably poor employees.
There are a lot of people right now in a similar situation--and more will be facing it in the coming months. First off, there are plenty of books, resources, tapes and materials out there for people who don't interview well. Find them and read them.

Very simply, some people don't interview well, while other people simply aren't the right fit for a company's particular culture.

A bigger issue for you is knowing how you actually come across in interviews. You might want to go back and simply ask what wasn't right or how you can improve--because if you don't get that feedback or don't know what is "off"--you'll never truly learn how to fix or correct it.

Know also that people at the top are constantly looking for feedback and ways to strengthen their weaknesses and learn better techniques and strategies to communicate better--because better communication leads to better results. And if the pros can do that--you can, too.

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