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How can we take our football coaching business to the next level?

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I own 30 percent of a business coaching football in schools. We do evening, weekend and holiday courses. Two of us run the business, and the profits are split 70/30 in the owner's favor.

Both of us are busy every day without any days off. We are getting more and more requests to do work with new clubs/schools, etc. We can't cope with any more ourselves, but we don't have enough to hire another staff member.

This summer we are running four holiday courses. The owner and I are running one apiece, and we're trusting someone else to run the others.

What concerns me is that I have built up a reputation with the parents/kids in one area; if I leave someone else in charge to go to another area, I'm afraid the parents won't be happy. And the kids have trouble relating to the other coaches. What can we do?
I understand and sympathize with your situation . . . and was in a similar one when I started my own business coaching business. I decided franchising was the best way to create systems and train people in my system. For your business, systemization and training may be one of the keys.

The bigger issue is that it appears you have just gotten yourself another job, rather than a real business. My definition of a business is a "profitable, commercial enterprise that works without you," and obviously, you are not at that level--yet.

Systemization will help . . . as well as finding some way to segment your operations geographically. Either that, or finding a way to centralize your operations and have your customers/players come to you.

More important, remember that coaching is very people-oriented and personality-driven. You are correct in worrying about "hiring" other coaches … which makes the process by which you would hire and train people into your "system" one of the most important components of your business. You want them to have a very specific personality profile--one similar to yours. I use the DISC profile in my own business; it's an effective and inexpensive way to get a base profile of prospective hires.

Finding a way to make your coaching business work can be done. Trust me, if I could do it with business coaching, you can do it with football coaching--because there are a lot of similarities between the two professions.

All the best.

Brad Sugars

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