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How do I introduce our company to a new region?

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I work for a small engineering/surveying/planning/landscape architecture firm in New Jersey. I want to introduce the company to New York and Pennsylvania. The rules and regulations are different though. We are licensed to practice in those states. Where do I look for business contacts, land developers and land use attorneys?
Well, first of all, you need to segment your outreach as your firm handles very distinct and specific offerings. Based on your current client base within New Jersey, you should be able to put together a comprehensive schematic of your best clients, within each service category.

Once you've got that in hand you can prepare the specific outreach to the target markets you are seeking to engage. Suggested guerrilla tactics include:

1. After segmentation analysis, purchase lists of each sector or find leads through online research for the different kind of companies/entities your firm is seeking to engage.

2. Send out a customized (professionally designed) direct mail piece, with copy and visuals to suit each specific market (land developers, land use attorneys, residential, etc).

3. Have staff or paid professional telemarketing company follow-up on the direct mail pieces, to set up meetings and/or exploratory conversations with decision makers.

4. Attend pertinent trade associations and the larger regional chamber of commerce networking functions, trade shows, and expos in the geographic markets you seek to do business in.

5. Investigate philanthropic opportunities in areas you seek to do business in (for example,hospitals, food banks, historic properties, museums, and other worthy charitable organizations typically have galas or other fundraisers) and look into advertising, sponsorship and attendance opportunities.

If you put all these strategic actions into play, you should be able to get your sales engine churning! Any further questions on resources to help you get these in motion? Send me a direct email.

Pattie Simone

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