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How do we cost-effectively market a home-exterior product to custom-home builders?

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We manufacture a home-exterior product that inhances the curb appeal of upper-end homes. We are a vendor of the nation's largest exterior wholesale distributors. In our local city we placed our product on the third home being built in a high-end subdivision. After completion, our product was displayed on 23 of the 34 homes. Our product on the right home and location is our greatest sales tool. How do we place our product in front of the decision-makers of custom-home builders across the nation?
For a national campaign, you should use a combination of online marketing and direct mail along with sales calls. Design a terrific website and invest in a pay-per-click campaign on the major search engines. 

Create a top-quality direct-mail package, complete with four-color photography of your product and a persuasive cover letter. You'll need to contact a list broker for the right direct-mail list to reach individuals with the correct title at major homebuilding companies. Or consider contacting one of the larger trade magazines to rent its subscriber list. 

If you can't afford to mail to the whole list, you can probably rent it by state or major metropolitan area. Follow up your mailing with phone calls for an effective one-two punch. Recipients of your direct-mail piece should be able to find you easily on the web and learn more there, as well.

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