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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From This Goofy, Disobedient Dog


Being an entrepreneur isn't about jumping through hoops – it's about doing things your own way. But sometimes, it takes watching an actual dog obedience competition to remember that crucial fact.

In this clip of a dog show, the first two canine contestants have their eyes on the prize, sprinting through the course without even looking at the chew toys and snacks littering the course.

Then comes the golden retriever. 

On the first viewing, the pup seems hilariously unfocused, chowing down on whatever food he can get to, then circling back around to snag some chew toys. But at the end of the day, only one of the dogs was able to sample several bowls of food and play with an assortment of toys. And, this lucky dog still crossed the finish line, just like the rest of his competition.

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Starting out, entrepreneurs are often conditioned to focus on one, ultimate end goal. There is a prevailing feeling that if you stray from your carefully constructed plan that mirrors every other startup in the business, you might as well throw in the towel. 

Instead, you should take a note from a goofy golden retriever and look at things a little differently. There isn't a guaranteed path to entrepreneurial success. Entrepreneurs who act like there is one will end up like the canine competitors: even if they are technically successful, they may miss out on countless other opportunities and solutions that could have strengthened the business in the long run.

Plus, doesn't the golden retriever look like he has the most fun in the end? 

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