13 Actionable Strategies From 13 Entrepreneurial Podcasts

Podcasts have become a rich source of insight and inspiration for entrepreneurs.
13 Actionable Strategies From 13 Entrepreneurial Podcasts
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By now, you’ve probably listened to a episode or two in your life. There are a host of great podcasts that can give you strategies, inspiration and tools to help your grow.

I’ve listed 13 podcasts that may not be on your radar but should. They offer actionable advice. Mix up your listening and get inspired. 

1. Try  

This podcast is run by Sonia Thompson. She is a former marketing director at Johnson & Johnson now turned entrepreneur. She is also a contributor to publications such as Inc. and SUCCESS. She started Try Business School to help entrepreneurs learn from the battle scars of other successful entrepreneurs. In this podcast, you will hear the mental struggles, breakthroughs, and most important lessons other business owners have had on their journey to building a successful business.

Lesson: You can learn from those entrepreneurs who went before you and failed. They can be your mentors even if you never actually connect.

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2. Fast Leadership Podcast

This podcast is run by Gordon Tredgold. Gordon is a former executive who’s worked for several Fortune 100 companies. He is now a global entrepreneur who speaks, consults, and coaches individuals on leadership. He is also a contributor here on Entrepreneur. His Fast Leadership Podcast helps entrepreneurs discover and implement success strategies faster.

Lesson: It can take time to start and grow a business but it doesn’t have to if you have the right information and plan.

3. Leaders in the Trenches

This podcast is run by Gene Hammett. Gene is a speaker, coach, and consultant who helps entrepreneurs beat the self-limiting beliefs that keep them and their business from explosive growth. He is also a contributor here on Entrepreneur. Leaders in the Trenches turns everyday entrepreneurs into forces of nature. You will discover new strategies that allow you to accelerate authority or increase influence.

Lesson: You don’t have to let your thoughts or anything else hold you back from creating a business that leads to freedom in your life.

4. Social Strategy Podcast

This podcast is run by Vernon Ross. Vernon is an author, social digital strategist, and speaker. His Social Strategy Podcast gets deep into what business owners really want to know about how to build a business with actionable tips they can use right after the episode to make a difference in their business.

Lesson: There are great advantages to using and networking to growing a profitable business.

5. Dreamers Podcast

This podcast is run by Joe Pardo. Joe is the author of two books. He is a speaker and business consultant. He has done over two hundred and eighty episodes of the Dreamers podcast. The Dreamers Podcast delivers business lessons from those who live their dreams. People who aren't afraid to push the boundaries of life and business.

Lesson: Life is too short to let fear, self-limiting beliefs, or negative people keep you from an amazing life and business.

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6. The Jody Maberry Show

This podcast is run by Jody Maberry. The show helps entrepreneurs and small businesses define and master their message and then market that message to the right people. Whether it is understanding what it is like for a customer to do business with you, how to get the most out of a conference, The Jody Maberry Show wades through the topics only a trusted mentor would take the time to explain.

Lesson: Understanding your gives you clarity. You need to understand who to market to and how to reach them.

7. Thriving Beyond Podcast

This podcast is run by Vidal Cisneros Jr. His podcast helps entrepreneurs see that no matter how bad your situation is, your dream is possible. Even through the most tragic situations, there is a purpose. Thriving Beyond Podcast shares many inspirational stories of entrepreneurs that have overcome.

Lesson: Tragedy and struggles don’t have to derail your business. You can be strong enough to overcome them.

8. Success Profiles Radio 

This podcast is run by Brian K. Wright. In the podcast, Brian asks his guests how they pick team members, how they overcome adversity, the value of charging what they are worth, knowing their purpose and identifying their ideal client. Success Profiles Radio is a resource where entrepreneurs can get advice from world-class achievers on how they started and built their businesses.

Lesson: It’s important to develop the right team to scale a business outside of yourself.

9. Thinkific Expert Interviews

Thinkific Expert Interviews is run by Tyler Basu. The last question Tyler asks every guest is what is an action step listeners can take to help move them closer to building a successful lifestyle business. Having an action step is key, otherwise, that inspiration and information goes to waste.

Lesson: You need more than inspiration to grow a business, you need a practical plan and action steps.

10. Hack the Entrepreneur 

This podcast is run by Jonny Nastor. The one area Jonny’s podcast focuses on is helping entrepreneur's  mindset. Hack the Entrepreneur enables entrepreneurs to build businesses with a focus on honing their mindset and doing work that matters. Jonny is also a contributor here on Entrepreneur.

Lesson: What you think affects your actions. You need a strong mind and belief in what’s possible.

11. Ballers Podcast

This podcast is run by Michael Pasha. Internet Ballers Podcast is a great resource for entrepreneurs looking to figure out how to get the word out about their products or service, see what other successful entrepreneurs have done to overcome their struggles, and to fully understand what it takes to be successful. All using the internet.

Lesson: The Internet has opened a whole new way to reach customers and grow a business or build a business online.

12. Forge Your Life

This podcast is run by Richard Phu. He uses Forge Your Life as a way to open up partnership conversations with entrepreneurs. He dives deep into their lives and businesses and pulls out the tactics and strategies they use to become wildly successful. He has had some very interesting guests.

Lesson: Use whatever medium you have to make great connections with successful entrepreneurs.

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13. Views from 3B

This show is run by Bernard Paraiso. Views from 3B is primarily a mix of practicality and insights. The show has two episode formats each week. One is a long format interview style, which is for inspiration and operational insights. The second is a shorter format 10-15 minute practical tips, tools, tutorials, or reviews. There is a great variety of guests and practical advice.

Lesson: What your customers will look for and spend their money on is practicality. Show them how what you offer will lead to a tangible result in their life. 

These are some solid podcasts that can help you start and grow a business. Pick some that look appeal and download them to your favorite podcast app. Listen to them on your commute or as you run errands. Take in the practical knowledge, absorb it, and apply it to your business.  

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