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How To Grow Your Startup, According To Steve Jobs, Arianna Huffington And 18 Other Hyper-Successful Founders (Infographic)

The biggest names in business think about more than just money.

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What four-step process does CEO Brian Chesky use to tackle any problem? And why does CEO ask an interview question without really caring about the answer itself? These insights and more are part of a new and killer recently released from Headway Capital, republished below for your convenience.

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Why not just list the insights off to you in bulleted format? Simple: You wouldn't be as motivated. Research results compiled by Xerox in a 2017 whitepaper found that color increases by 80%; additionally, information can be located 70% faster when it's presented in color.

It's also more fun this way. Scroll down for some visually engaging tips to help kick your startup growth efforts into high gear.

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