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Top 10 CTOs To Watch In 2023

From developing cutting-edge technical visions to introducing innovative business models, these top 10 CTOs drive the industry forward with their daring ideas and leadership


Quantum Physicist Launches a Pioneering Pharma Research Venture

Co-founder Xudong Lv is excited to address the challenges of managing this brand-new technology concept


The Future Looks Bright for This Drone Technology Provider From the Lion City

Drones are increasingly used across various industries due to their versatility and cost-efficiency. But the extensive use of drones poses the challenge of managing the airspace safely and efficiently. To address this issue, Heron AirBridge is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge UAS traffic management technology

Women Entrepreneur®

She Chased Her Dreams And Made an Impact Through the Dream Machine Foundation

Niamh Kavanagh has always followed her passion for media and its ever-changing landscape


Why This Venture Capitalist's Values And Leadership Are Paying Off

Shima Capital's Yida Gao has been making his mark with a nine-figure and growing fund that has gotten the attention of the investment community


Fans Experience a New Level Of Transparency And Accessibility In Music Ownership With This Platform

LGND Music is a platform that is open to artists and fans from all music genres from around the world

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