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Mike Werling

Mike Werling, the managing editor of Sea Magazine, has written for, Senior Market Advisor, Boomer Market Advisor and Broadmoor magazines.


Sweet Success: Starting Up in a Downturn

One Candy Bouquet franchisee defies the downturn by doing her homework first

A New Franchise Makes Golf Elementary

TGA takes the country club out of a country club sport.

Flick of Fate

Entrepreneur scores with low-tech game in high-tech world.
Growth Strategies

The Greening of Golf

Being ecofriendly doesn't mean you don't have a great product.

Fashion Recycled

Leading the ecofashion movement
Growth Strategies

How to Find the 'Hidden Paycheck'

Fringe benefit statements highlight employees' true compensation.

6 Website Fixes to Make Now

These simple measures put your site's focus on the customer.

Uncensored Sales Strategies

Uncover a radical approach that delivers what your customers really want.