10 Fitness Accessories to Splurge on for the Holidays Stay in shape throughout the winter.

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Staying fit this pandemic winter will likely be a bit more difficult than it's been in previous seasons. With gyms operating at limited capacity or closing, there are fewer opportunities to get in shape. You may have to work out at home more than you ever have before. Fortunately, there are a number of great tools and pieces of equipment to help you get into the best shape of your life, all from home. 

Deep Tissue Massage Gun with Interchangeable Heads

After a workout, it's important to treat your muscles well to ensure you'll be ready to get back at it again soon. With this massage gun, you can target muscle pain and break up knots, increasing blood flow to help you recover faster. It even has four interchangeable heads to target every muscle ache.

Break up knots with the Deep Tissue Massage Gun with Interchangeable Heads for $51 (Reg. $99) with promo code: SAVE15NOV. 


THE CHOPPER: Full-Body Workout

Endorsed by NFL and NBA athletes, THE CHOPPER may look funky, but it's an awesome machine. With an adjustable weight at the head, you can swing up to 16lbs. with this device. With a variety of exercises, you'll work your arms, core, and more.

Get a full-body workout with THE CHOPPER for $102 (Reg. $139) with promo code: SAVE15NOV. 


ABXCORE: Ab Machine with Virtual Trainer + Phone Cradle

Sculpt your abs in as little as seven minutes per day with ABXCORE. This efficient machine is compact, lightweight, and specially designed to help you get a workout anywhere. As you exercise, it isolates different muscle groups to help you build strength, tone your abs, and gain definition.

Work your abs with ABXCORE: Ab Machine with Virtual Trainer + Phone Cradle for $124.95 (Reg. $199) with promo code: SAVE15NOV. 

LifePro Fitness

LifePro Waver Mini Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

This Amazon's Choice machine provides powerful, yet gentle therapeutic vibrations to wake up the muscles throughout your body. That way, you'll enhance your body's ability to regenerate cells and repair itself, therefore, toning muscles and increasing flexibility as a great way to supplement your workout.

Work your abs with LifePro Waver Mini Vibration Plate Exercise Machine for $127.50 (Reg. $249) with promo code: SAVE15NOV. 


MoonRun: Portable Cardio Trainer with Virtual Running Apps

You don't have to go outside to go for a run. MoonRun is a resistance trainer that simulates the motion and action of running so you can experience the sensation without leaving your living room. It even comes with virtual running apps so you'll feel like you're running outdoors–and, you can even join up with friends virtually.

Run at home with MoonRun for $211.65 (Reg. $299) with promo code: SAVE15NOV. 


DisruptiveStrong Workout Bag

It may look like an ordinary punching bag, but DisruptiveStrong is so much more. This sturdy bag can take a beating, but it also comes with weights so you can use it as a dumbbell, as well. It's the perfect bag for strength and agility training.

Get the DisruptiveStrong Workout Bag for $229.15 (Reg. $399) with promo code: SAVE15NOV.

First Degree Fitness

Viking 2 Plus AR Water Sel Rower

Rowing is one of the best workouts you can do at the gym. Now, you can get a stationary rower at home with the Viking 2 Plus. This high-powered resistance water rower is fully adjustable so you can get a custom, timed, full-body, low-impact workout whenever you'd like.

Row at home with Viking 2 Plus AR Water Sel Rower for $1,138.15 (Reg. $1,599) with promo code: SAVE15NOV. 


SKI-ROW AIR + PWR: Dual-Function HIIT Machine

You've never met a machine quite like the SKI-ROW AIR. This incredibly flexible machine works as both a ski machine and rowing machine, allowing you to switch in as little as five seconds. Plus, it folds up into a corner for extreme usability.

Get a comprehensive workout with SKI-ROW AIR + PWR: Dual-Function HIIT Machine with Heart Rate Monitor for $1,614.15 (Reg. $2,299) with promo code: SAVE15NOV. 

Pro 6 Fitness

PRO 6 Aspen Stairmill Stair Climber

Love the stair-master? You don't need to go to the gym to get that kind of workout. This stair climber fits nicely in your home, and lets you get an intensive stair-climbing workout whenever you'd like.

Climb the stairs with the PRO 6 Aspen Stairmill Stair Climber for $2,970.75 (Reg. $3,495) with promo code: SAVE15NOV.

Pro 6 Fitness

PRO 6 Arcadia Air Runner Non-Motorized Treadmill

Stop playing around with buttons and other settings on standard treadmills. This compact trainer moves as you do, giving you a truly personalized workout. Just start running and this non-motorized treadmill will move with you, counting your stats as you go.

Go for a run with the PRO 6 Arcadia Air Runner Non-Motorized Treadmill for $3,820.75 (Reg. $4,595) with promo code: SAVE15NOV.

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