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4 Simple Steps to Creating Powerful Press Releases

This story originally appeared on PR Newswire's Small Business PR Toolkit

Distributing press releases online is an excellent way to spread valuable information to a large target audience. Ideal instances to distribute press releases are when your business is:

  • Announcing a new business partnership.
  • Offering new services or products.
  • Relaying positive information about the brand to improve and visibility, such as customer success stories.
  • Involved in a special event, perhaps having a grand opening or attending a tradeshow.

Keep in mind that press releases should only be distributed when your business has newsworthy information that's relevant and interesting to the target audience -- whether it's local press contacts, industry specialists or consumers as a whole -- not simply with the sole intent of advertising. Once the opportunity arises to create one, it's recommended that the content in the :

  • Contain an -grabbing headline.
  • Remain short and concise.
  • Include compelling quotes.
  • Provide resources to learn more information.

1. Attention-Grabbing Headline

With so many information sources available, the first challenge is to stand out from the competition and win the attention of readers. In a few words, explain the topic and why it's beneficial to the reader. Include a teaser as well to generate curiosity and motivate readers to find out more.

2. Short and Concise Content

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average attention span of a human being is 8 seconds. To help ensure that your message is absorbed by readers, keep press releases brief and to the point. Also, summarize all pertinent points in the first few sentences. More detail can follow in the body paragraphs of the press release.

3. Compelling Quotes

To support your cause as well as make it more personable and powerful, add a quote. The type of quote chosen will depend on the intended outcome of the press release. Your business could incorporate a quote from the spokesperson of the brand to enhance the significance of the or include a testimonial from a customer to legitimize the company's claim.

4. Beneficial Resources

Supply readers with outlets that provide additional information and encourage them to learn more. Include links to both your business website and other sites that offer useful content on the topic. Additionally, include a boilerplate with the basics about your company as well as your company contact information.

Wisdek discovered 64 percent of journalists use search engines to follow the news, and over 80 million people get their news online every day. Regardless of the purpose of the press release or which online media outlets are utilized to convey the information, distributing a press release that contains these four components improves the likeliness of effectively communicating your message to a large target audience.

Written by Phillip Thune, CEO of Textbroker.

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