Amazon Prime Driver Pulls Off the Unthinkable In Middle of Highway: 'Devil Works Hard but Amazon Prime Works Harder'

With next day delivery guaranteed, some Prime drivers are going to extreme lengths.

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By Emily Rella

Desperate deadlines call for desperate measures, but that mindset becomes dangerous when it pertains to beating traffic on the highway.

We've all probably seen (or attempted) a car pull of an anxiety-inducing, last-minute swerve to make an exit or cut off another car in order to get to their destination in record time.

But for Amazon Prime (AMZN) delivery drivers who must abide by guaranteed next-day delivery promises set by the company, the pressure to do so can result in some pretty dangerous and unorthodox methods of driving, as is the case for one Amazon delivery worker who is going viral on TikTok.

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TikTok user Cami Hardman (@camihardman) posted a video of a giant Prime delivery truck driving across a highway divider to the other side of interstate in an effort to get out of a traffic jam.


when Jeff personally guarantees next day delivery ##trafficjam ##amazon ##jeffbezos

♬ Bezos I - Bo Burnham

The clip, which has been viewed over a whopping 15 million times and garnered over 2.4 million likes, shows the truck slowly making its away across the grassy partition as another SUV attempts to follow the truck's lead.

The song is set to comedian Bo Burnham's aptly named comedic riff "Bezos I", the lyrics of which say, "C'mon Jeffrey, you can do it/Pave the way, put your back into it."

Naturally, the irony was not lost on many users.

"Pave the way got me," joked one viewer, followed by a skull emoji.

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"If there's ever an apocalypse I know Amazon will be there," wrote another, which to be fair, might not be far off from the truth.

Others praised the driver and their efforts, saying that they have "so much respect for the workers at Amazon" and acknowledging Amazon's "top of the line customer service."

"Devil works hard but Amazon Prime works harder," one viewer asserted.

An Amazon spokesperson issued the following statement to Entrepreneur:

"Safety is our top priority, and this does not reflect the high standards we have for our transportation service providers who help transport customer packages. Amazon requires line haul carriers operating on Amazon's behalf to follow state and federal requirements that govern the operation of commercial motor vehicles, including applicable safety and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations."

The video was posted alongside the caption "when Jeff personally guarantees next day delivery," a cheeky jab to the former CEO who stepped down last month in pursuit of other projects and concentrations, presumably his space exploration company, Blue Origin.

The billionaire is currently making headlines for his lawsuit against NASA claiming that the organization incorrectly gave the sole lunar landing contract to rival Elon Musk's SpaceX in an unfair assessment and decision.

Amazon was down about 2.46% year over year as of Wednesday morning.

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