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'I Am Very Bullish on AI': Apple CEO Tim Cook Says the Company Uses AI 'Across All Products' The Apple CEO spoke about the company's expansion into new countries and ethereal planes of existence at Apple's first India store opening.

By Dan Bova

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Apple is the latest mega-tech company to profess its love for AI. In an interview with Indian news outlet Business Today, CEO Tim Cook proclaimed, "I am very bullish on AI." He went on to say that Apple has been deep in the AI trenches before the rest of us started asking ChatGPT to do our homework.

"[AI] is at the root of so many of our products today," he said. "Like the Apple Watch, if you run an ECG you're using artificial intelligence and machine learning. If you fall and the Watch calls your contact, it's using AI. We use AI across all of our products. I think it is a very profound technology."

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Cook was less committed to answering the interviewer's question about which Apple device he can't leave his home without. "That's like asking who is your favorite child or your favorite parent," he said, before giving this lame answer, "When I travel, I have my phone in my pocket and I've got my watch on my wrist. I have an iPad and a Mac in my bag and so I love them all."

You can watch the entire interview here:

Cook was in India for the launch of the country's first Apple Store, which honestly, seems crazy. How did India not have an Apple Store? With 1.4 billion shoppers in a nation renowned for tech, even my non-AI-powered brain knows that is a good idea.

Anyway, the first Apple Store opened in Mumbai, which Cook said marked the 25th anniversary of Apple operating in the country. Quoted in CNN, Cook said, "India has such a beautiful culture and an incredible energy," he said. "We're excited to build on our long-standing history — supporting our customers, investing in local communities, and working together to build a better future."

Jeez, Apple should speed up on their AI efforts — Cook can sure use some help coming up with quotes that don't sound like they were written by a robot. Or better yet, hire a human writer!

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