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'This Is Animal Cruelty:' Twitter Is Outraged After a Dog Was 'Accidentally' Sent Through Airport TSA X-Ray

The pup's owner was "unaware" of TSA protocols.


One jet-setting dog took a wild ride before even hitting the runway.

A pooch traveling with its owner was "accidentally" sent through the TSA X-ray machine at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin.

In a photo shared by TSA Great Lakes, the dog can be seen left in its carrier while going through the machine. The Tweet warned travelers to remember to remove their animals at the security checkpoint and to notify the airline they are traveling with precious cargo.

Thankfully the dog, a dachshund-chihuahua mix, came out on the other side unharmed, TSA spokesperson Jessica Mayle told USA Today, but the hound was "a little skittish" after the incident.

According to Mayle, the traveler was "unaware" of TSA protocols and failed to inform officers of her tucked-away dog.

"After (the dog) was discovered by the X-ray operator, the officer explained the proper process to the passenger and confirmed she had disclosed she was traveling with the pet to the airline," Mayle told the outlet. "After her bags were cleared, she proceeded to her gate."

However, several Twitter users slammed the dog owner and accused them of smuggling the pup to avoid paying additional airline fees.

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