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Here's What the Future of Work Looks Like to Millennials and Generation Z (Infographic)


As of 2015, millennials, the cohort that ranges between roughly 20 and 35, is on track to outnumber baby boomers in the population, 75.3 million and 74.9 million, respectively. With big numbers like that, perhaps it's no surprise that the oft scrutinized age group is expected to make up 75 percent of the global workforce 10 years from now.

Millennials are certainly a hot topic of conversation, especially with regard to how they navigate their careers. But what about the next wave, the people who are growing up right now? An infographic compiled by Adecco, a human resource consulting firm, examines the similarities and differences between millennials and their younger counterparts, (here defined as those born between 1995 and today) with regard to their view of work and their futures.

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The largest concern across the board for both was being able to find a job, followed by being able to pay for their education. However, 13 percent of millennials were concerned about the price of tuition compared to 21 percent of Generation Z.

Fifty percent of all respondents reported feeling optimistic about their , and 79 percent said they were confident they could find a position within five months, with only 6 percent reporting feeling "defeated" about their search. Post-college, 32 percent of Gen Z wanted to land their dream job, while 34 percent of millennials were after financial stability.

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As for what the students and recent grads want out their jobs, growth opportunities, feeling satisfied by their work and a general feeling of stability were the most important. However, 41 percent of millennials were looking for a job with growth potential compared to 30 percent of Gen Z.

The results were based on a poll conducted by Adecco of 1,001 students, with 557 millennials and 444 members of Gen Z weighing in.

For more on how millennials and members of Generation Z are searching for jobs (and how much of their day they are devoting to the search), how both groups view the career prep help they received from their alma maters and how the two cohorts view networking, check out the infographic below.

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Here's What the Future of Work Look Like to Millennials and Generation Z (Infographic)

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