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Man Gallops Through Drive-Thru on Horseback and Orders 100 Chicken Nuggets in Bizarre Video

One TikToker is going viral for his antics at a McDonald's in the UK.


Fast food workers have undoubtedly seen their fair share of bizarre behavior when it comes to customers and their antics in the drive-thru.

But for workers at one UK McDonald's, serving a man who galloped through the drive-thru line on horseback was a new one.

TikToker @theblessedequestrian is going viral for documenting his McDonald's trip that he took while riding his horse up to the drive-thru windows.

Not only was his mode of transportation rather unusual, but he proceeded to order 100 chicken nuggets for himself at the UK-based location of the burger chain.

@theblessedequestrian After our hack we got hungry, so I went to get 100 chicken nuggets @mcdonaldsuk @mcdonalds #TheBlessedEquestrian #Mcdonals #viral #Chickennuggets #entertainment #funnyvideos #food #uk #horse #fyp #funny ♬ original sound - Blessed

"I'm hungry … what can I say," he joked on camera.

The video has racked up over 1.7 million views, with commenters finding his antics hysterical while also adoring the relationship between him and the horse.

"Your horse is beautiful and your lovely vibe make him feel so calm," one user wrote.

The equestrian also noted in the comment section that he had treats in his pocket for his four-legged friend, though the horse was not entitled to any of the nuggets.

Seeing animals in a drive-thru line is more common than one might think. Last summer, one TikToker went viral after noticing a cow in the backseat of a car headed toward the drive-thru line at a McDonald's restaurant in Wisconsin.

Safe to say no burgers were ordered during that trip.

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