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All That Litters Can Be Gold, According to McDonald's. The Fast Food Chain Is Designing Jewelry — With Your Trash.

The "Litter and Glamour" aesthetic isn't for everyone, but it comes with a noble cause.


One man's trash is another man's treasure: It's an adage that most of us are familiar with, and one that McDonald's is taking quite literally.

The Netherlands branch of the fast food chain has dropped a seven-piece jewelry collection, cheekily titled "Litter and Glamour" because that's exactly what it is — customers' left-behind garbage getting a new life in the form of earrings, rings and more.

The collection includes French-fry-container earrings, Big-Mac-box rings and soda-cup necklaces, all of which are heavily bejeweled and coated with 14-karat gold.

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But McDonald's Netherlands wants its jewelry line to do more than just dazzle. The upcycling initiative is meant to encourage customers who don't always pick up after themselves to do their part and use the establishment's trash cans and recycling bins to make the store — and the environment — a cleaner place.

From now until September 12, patrons who throw their leftover waste in designated gold bins will have a chance to snag an item from the "Litter and Glamour" collection.

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