Netflix's Secret Club Allows Members to Preview Content Before Anyone Else — But There's a Catch The Netflix Preview Club currently includes 2,000 subscribers but plans to add "tens of thousands of users" by early 2023.

By Sam Silverman

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The perfect club for the serial binge-watcher is here and ready for expansion.

Netflix is set to grow its Netflix Preview Club program, which allows members to stream content early in return for feedback. According to the Wall Street Journal, the club currently includes 2,000 subscribers but plans to add "tens of thousands of users" by early 2023.

The club was reportedly utilized for feedback on the 2021 hit Don't Look Up, which broke the record for weekly viewing hours with 152 million views. Although those close to the film haven't confirmed whether suggested edits were made before its release, filmmakers are welcome to make changes (or not) before releasing the film to the public.

The program was first launched in May 2021, per Variety, and those who participate have six months to watch these upcoming releases and complete a survey with their thoughts and feedback.

Additionally, participants must keep the pre-releases confidential and are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Those selected to participate in the program "represent a range of perspectives," according to a company memo obtained by Variety.

It's unclear exactly how Netflix selects its preview audience, but a 2021 Reddit thread claimed people received emails inviting them to join the Netflix Preview Club, which then directed them to a special Netflix account that gave access to unreleased content in return for completing feedback.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the club's expansion follows Netflix's strategy to get the most engagement for the cost to create its exclusive content. While the steamer boasts 223 million subscribers, it lost subscribers for two consecutive quarters and then rose again in the third quarter.

Despite the setback, its $17 billion annual budget for shows and movies isn't budging.

Entrepreneur reached out to Netflix for comment.
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