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Predictions for 2022: Workplace, Tech, and ESG Points If business leaders have the fortitude to act, this year is ripe with possibilities. To clarify, there is no workplace crystal ball. We have arrived at the time of year...

By Angela Ruth

This story originally appeared on Calendar

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If business leaders have the fortitude to act, this year is ripe with possibilities. To clarify, there is no workplace crystal ball.

We have arrived at the time of year when we are nearly ready to start the second quarter. We have attempted to make sense of the last two years and how we have adapted to those changes in this first quarter.

The fact is that there are still a lot of unknowns in this strange new world. Sure, the epidemic is far from ended; yes, the globe still confronts many of the same issues that it did in 2021, but with additional twists. And now we have started into something worse than the pandemic — the Ukraine war.

Nonetheless, some individuals see a lot of possibilities for the rest of this year.

1. The digital revolution will continue.

Covid-19 has been on the scene for a couple of years — yet, organizations continue to show resiliency and innovation, thanks mainly to their embrace of digitalization.

However, there is room for improvement everywhere and this is a positive thing for the workplace. To combat a significant increase in threats, areas like cybersecurity can—and should—be automated. Other tasks need a more personal touch. As we go toward hyper-automation, for example, my hope is that company leaders would approach automation with a people-first perspective — automating their most employee-centric operations carefully and purposefully.

While putting people first is a technique that slows down certain aspects of automation, it ensures that the appropriate processes are automated correctly from the start.

2. Humans and AI will work together more.

Many people are still amazed, perplexed, and concerned about artificial intelligence. Individuals became even more worried when Google's AlphaStar algorithm defeated 99.8 percent of the world's best players in the complicated strategic game StarCraft II. An AI game garnering a winning had the experts perplexed. (Congratulations to the 0.2 percent of those who defeated the bots!)

Meanwhile, commentators provide a steady stream of "robots are stealing your jobs" articles. Calm down, people. Artificial intelligence isn't going to take over the planet. In truth, AI is only as good as the data that people provide it, no matter how powerful or quick it is. This year, some people believe we'll see a more robust adoption of AI inside the company as more business executives know the value of human-AI cooperation.

Employees will eventually profit from this collaboration since, after all, we humans will be the ones who decide when and how managers may utilize AI to improve our jobs.

3. Employees will want — and rightfully so — more.

With the Great Resignation and the ongoing demand for improved workplace conditions, 2022 will be a year of "power to the people." Organizations must strengthen the emotional component of the digital work experience to compete in this heated talent market. People will vote with their feet if they fail to connect with and encourage their employees — after all, why stay in a position that doesn't enable you to reach your full potential?

That's why, beyond decent UI and consumerization, businesses should move today to make the digital experience more coherent with their businesses — with a feeling of belonging and purpose. On the other hand, corporate leaders should empower their employees to increase productivity.

Low-code solutions enable employees to solve their issues and enhance their work processes, making them essential for future employee experience.

4. We'll be hyper-aware of our surroundings in every workplace.

The previous several years have taught us that the more we immerse ourselves in the digital world, the more attention we must pay to our actual surroundings. Do you believe the present supply chain is now strained? Wait as we proceed further into 2022 to see what happens. The possibilities are endless. We're pushed thinner than ever before regarding inventory and logistics, and things are only getting worse as labor shortages persist.

We speak a lot about digital transformation, which is critical, but we must remember that we live in a concrete and valuable world. The continuous climate chaos reminds us that our actions have far-reaching implications and must endeavor to improve the planet. The last and most crucial prediction for possibilities.

5. ESG will be the topic of conversation in the C-suite workplace.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns are becoming more critical in the corporate sector. In 2022, the C-suite will prioritize the need to safeguard and maintain our planet and its people above giving PR-driven lip service to ESG. We may have complete control over the digital world we've built — but it won't mean anything until we have a healthy planet and a fully functioning civilization to sustain it.

People change because of factors other than compassion — sometimes change has to be demanded for people to finally do what's right. The need for a well-considered ESG strategy is becoming apparent as a crucial business requirement. Boards, consumers, and a new generation of employees are increasingly scrutinizing leaders and their enterprises. All are acutely aware that we are at a social and environmental crossroads.

Gen Z is particularly interested in where prospective employers stand on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) problems. Which makes it all the more vital for companies competing for talent to pay attention. While corporations will have to rise to the occasion, we can lower our carbon footprint by committing to a net-zero carbon footprint.

That's all there is to it

The world has changed a lot in the last few years and it's optimistic to say that 2022 will mark a turning point in our attitudes about labor, technology, and the environment as a whole.

While it may seem frightening to face the rest of 2022 with the Russian/Ukraine issues surrounding our thoughts — it seems that the best potential of possibilities will be in looking forward.

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