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Set a Goal for Every Month of 2022. Here's How 2021 is coming to a wonderful end — and 2022 is arriving with the opportunity to set your New Year’s resolutions. So take the time to write down what you...

By Howie Jones

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2021 is coming to a wonderful end — and 2022 is arriving with the opportunity to set your New Year's resolutions. So take the time to write down what you hope to accomplish in the new year, along with some plans on how to get there.

To ensure that your resolutions last through January and beyond takes a lot of self-mastery and dedication. So to help you make this the most successful year yet, Calendar extends the following challenge: Set a goal for each month of 2022 — and make 2022 your best year ever.

Monthly goals are easier to break down, helping you maintain motivation and productivity in the long run. This guide will show you how to set up your own goals for the coming year:

Start Big

There's nothing wrong with setting your sights on a lofty goal. AND, we will not be one of those who cry if you fall a little short of a personal goal. So make these lofty — but attainable. Some of the world's most accomplished people used high aspirations as fuel and inspiration. You can do the same with your own prominent goals.

Setting significant goals is that being so out of reach, it's easy to lose motivation when progress is slow. You can't become a millionaire overnight, and you shouldn't expect to be. Instead, greatness is achieved one step at a time.

Break it Down

Real goal-setting success comes from taking your most significant dreams and breaking them down into actionable steps. This allows you to lay the path for success instead of trying to find your way off-roading.

Let's say you have a goal to double the profit of your side hustle. Unless you see an unexpected boom in business, this will require some patience. Break down this goal into smaller ones that all point toward the end result.

You can set marginal goals leading up to the end of the year. For example, acquiring two new clients each month will help increase revenue and is a much more attainable goal to set in the short term. Set and reach enough of these goals, and you'll double your revenue before you know it.

Use an Online Calendar

Goal setting requires accountability. Few things will keep you accountable, as well as an online calendar. You can physically layout your plans with deadlines and reminders that push you forward. As long as you stick with what you set in your Calendar, your progress is practically guaranteed.

Most New Year's resolutions pertain to fitness goals. Your online calendar will help you layout an exercise plan to follow each week, along with as the times you will commit to exercising. Set objectives will hold most excuses at bay and focus your exercise efforts on actual workouts instead of half-hearted morning routines.

If you share your goal with another person, you can share online calendars to stay in sync. For example, your workout buddy or your business partner will be much more beneficial to the pursuit of your goal when you can use online calendars to coordinate schedules and keep in touch throughout the year.

Record Your Progress

As you work from January to December, record the progress you make. While it might seem like much progress is being made day after day, you'll be able to look back and see just how far you've come in 2021. This can be a significant motivational factor heading into the next quarter, even after only three months.

A weight loss goal is an excellent example of this. Your weight goal at the end of the year will likely be a significant loss, considering it's a whole 12 months in advance. There will be some discouraging days when it doesn't appear that you're getting close to that goal. Take a look back, however, and you'll see that you've come a lot further than you realized.

A journal is a simple yet efficient tool for recording the progress of your goals. You can also use your online calendar as a record keeper. As long as you're using it for diligent planning, it will keep a record of everything you've done in pursuit of your goals.

Get Started Today

There's no time to wait; boot up that online calendar and start making your plans for a productive and inspirational 2021. Open up your Calendar in a new tab and start setting goals for every month of the year. You can start from December if you'd like, beginning with your end goal and planning 11 stepping stones to that point. Here's an example of what you can do using the goal to run a marathon by the end of the year:

  • January – Log a minimum of 3 miles a day to start training and build endurance.
  • February – Incorporate one longer run each week (5-7 miles) as part of the training regimen.
  • March – Sign up and complete a 5K race.
  • April – Evaluate diet plan and start meal prepping for optimal changes.
  • May – Increase daily runs to 4-5 miles a day.
  • June – Sign up and complete a 10K race.
  • July – Add other forms of exercise to the plan, such as a weekly bike ride for variability.
  • August – Run a personal 5K and 10K to compare times from earlier in the year.
  • September – Sign up and complete a half marathon.
  • October – Buy new shoes to break in by marathon time, continue workout routine.
  • November – Add at least two 10+ miles runs to this month's workout list.
  • December – Participate in and complete my first marathon.

Building up to a marathon ensures that your legs don't fall off or you don't keel over from lack of preparation. The same can be said for any other goal; break it down month by month to accomplish your goals in stride. Whether it's to learn a new skill or forge a new career path, this method of goal setting coupled with an online calendar will get you far in 2022.

Image Credit: Olya Kobruseva; Pexels; Thank you!

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