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Success is Beyond Your Comfort Zone

This story originally appeared on Lewis Howes

I just got back from an awesome weekend in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Yes, I bring up Ohio as often as I can because I love it that much.


While there I had some powerful perspective moments as I was helping facilitate a transformational workshop my friends were hosting.

And it got me thinking -- everything we want is possible if we just push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

The School of Greatness happened because I went outside my comfort zone and picked up a mic and started interviewing people way smarter than me.

Any and all of my athletic achievements have come from going way beyond my comfort zone in training day after day, year after year.

All the best relationships in my life are a product of me going beyond my comfort zone in vulnerability.

There's a theme here, and I wanted to take a solo round to talk about the importance of going just beyond your comfort zone as often as you can handle it.

So get ready to get a little uncomfortable in Episode 353, the solo round.

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