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The entrepreneur who gave away subs when his team became champion, loses everything during a fire and receives massive support from the community

A fire swept through the San Juan de Dios market in Guadalajara, destroying hundreds of stores. Don Chava's was one of them.

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The fire destroyed everything. The San Juan de Dios market, located in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, was destroyed and with it hundreds of stores and small businesses. One of them was Las Tortas Lokas , the position of Salvador Sáenz , a man who a few months ago became news by promising that if Atlas , his soccer team, won the championship, he would give cakes to all those who came the next day to your place.

milazvereva | Getty Images

After 70 years of waiting, the impossible happened and Atlas won the tournament. A proud Don Chava kept his promise wearing the red and black jersey of the team he once played for, and gave away more than 300 cakes to cheers and joy from the fans. The fact became a trend in social networks and the tortero experienced a small moment of extreme happiness.

Months later tragedy struck.

On the first of April the market burned down and Don Chava lost everything. Las Noticias GDL , a local media outlet, broadcast an interview in which, with tears in his eyes, the entrepreneur reported that he and his colleagues would have to temporarily relocate due to the severe damage that the market suffered. When Atlas fans heard the news they jumped into action: word spread through social media and they quickly raised funds to support Don Salvador.

Shortly after, the tortería commented through its Facebook: "I want to thank everyone!! friends, family, those from the atlas bar (I feel very proud to wear these colors of supportive people), some Chivas fans, people from other parts of the city and abroad, customers and everyone who joined the cause of economic and moral support. We really do not have words of thanks, you are a very fundamental part of being able to get up and thanks to all of you we are working to give our best again" (SIC).

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