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What Your Company Logo Says About Your Brand (Infographic)

This story originally appeared on PR Daily

A truly great becomes synonymous with its identity. Think about the McDonald's golden arches, 's apple, Coca-Cola's cursive typeface, 's swoosh and all the other iconic images that you remember.

But what does a logo say about your company?

For Yahoo, changing its longtime logo (its asymmetrical "Y" with a leaning exclamation point) is a way to signify a new way forward.

This marks the first time in 18 years that Yahoo will overhaul its logo. It's part of the company's " of change" campaign, during which it will display one potential logo option on its various sites each day for the next 30 days before the final version is revealed Sept. 5.

"The logo is your calling card, identity, manifestation," Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Savitt told USA Today. "The Yahoo logo is iconic; some people love it, some people hate it. We decided to change it, to reflect new products … and depict our next chapter."

For more on what a logo means to a company, check out this infographic designed by 123Print:

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What Your Company Logo Says About Your Brand (Infographic)

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