Business Idea Center - Page: 2 - Children's Businesses

Children's Personal Safety Courses

Good with kids and know how to keep them safe? Make a business out of it.

Custom Play Sets

Get paid to make children's playground dreams come true.

Online Nanny Service

Help busy mommies conveniently locate relief from the little ones.

Dollhouse Manufacturing and Sales

If you enjoy small-scale construction, you can make kids' dreams come true by building and selling dollhouses.

Online Baby Names

Many parents want a less-than-common name for their baby. Help them out with this online service.

Shopping Mall Play Centers

Few kids love a long day of shopping. Give parents some much-needed relief with a play center.

Talent Agent for Children

If you like working with kids and can spot talent, helping children get their big break could be the business for you.

Mini Train Rides

Set up a mini train ride at a park, mall or zoo and watch the profits pull into the station.

Pony Rides

Almost every child wants a pony. Give them the opportunity to ride one at fairs, carnivals, charity events and other locales.

Stuffed Animals

Still remember your first stuffed animal? Kids may love technology, but a handheld game system isn't very cuddly.

New Parents School

You know what they say: There's no manual on how to be a parent. Well, at least you can offer a class.

Baby-Sitting Referral Service

Calm parents' fears and match people up with work with a baby-sitting referral business.

Child Care Service

Love working with kids? Start a child care business.

Childproofing Service

Help parents feel good about letting their children loose in their homes.

Day Care Center

Create a safe space for kids to play away from home with a day care center.