Business Idea Center - Real Estate

Apartment and House Finder Service

Help people find homes with an apartment and house finder service.

Leasing Broker

Have a way with connections? Consider being a leasing broker.

Real Estate Appraiser

Good with numbers and values? Start a real estate appraisal business.

Real Estate Listing Preparation Service

Help people prep their home listings with your excellent copywriting, editing and sales skills.

Vacation Property Rental Agent

Caught in the hustle and bustle of a busy tourist area? Consider rental properties to supplement tourists' vacations.

Real Estate Photo Service

Capture your passion for photography and architecture in a few snaps.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Help businesses find the perfect location to grow.

House Preparation Service

Help real estate sell more quickly with a house preparation service.

Real Estate Auctions

Use your booming voice to start a booming auctioning business. Business idea sold!

Mobile Home Broker

Use your broker skills to get this low-cost startup idea on the go.

Corporate Retreats

With thousands of retreat sites being unused by corporations, renting out these destinations may amount to your dream job.

Developer Home Sales

Use your sales and marketing skills in a career for independent homes sales.

Business for Sale Broker

Put a commercial realtor's license to work in a business brokerage.

Commercial Real Estate Guide

Help advertise commercial property for sale or lease with a commercial real estate publication.

Construction Project Manager

If you've got an eye for the really big picture, this may be the business for you.