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Unlocking Potential: Youssef Haidar, Founder And CEO, Stonepine Capital Partners Youssef Haidar, founder and CEO of Stonepine Capital Partners, a Dubai-based asset manager with a focus on private equity in emerging markets, shares his thoughts on entrepreneurship.

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In collaboration with Huawei Arabia, Entrepreneur Middle East asks some of the region's business leaders on how they unlock their full potential for their enterprises. In this episode, Youssef Haidar, founder and CEO of Stonepine Capital Partners, a Dubai-based asset manager with a focus on private equity in emerging markets, shares his thoughts on entrepreneurship. Haidar explains how his drive as an entrepreneur stems from building great companies and creating value with highly-motivated people. As someone who has a background in building ventures, Haidar notes it's rewarding to see the fruits of his (and his team's) labor as his firm supports young SMEs as they grow and thrive in their respective sectors.

Haidar regards success as continuous development, and at the end of the day, a journey, and that the success of a project is an outcome of all the framework of a project. On tech's impact on his and his business' goals, Haidar says, "I view technology as a means to an end, and not an end in of itself," and how it's a tool for productivity for individuals and improve efficiency for businesses, and connecting communities. He notes that with the advancement and capabilities of today's tech, entrepreneurs can be built businesses easily. As someone who views a smartphone as integral in doing work in an everyday setting, Haidar remarks that the new Huawei Mate 10's screen and battery life is essential for long working days, while its camera is useful in scanning important documents throughout the day, and its dual SIM card capability as a nifty feature for a businessperson who travels to various countries.

His tips to aspiring entrepreneurs? Haidar advises entrepreneurs to find their passion, having a proactive and bold mindset, and unafraid of failure."I think the only real failure in life in my mind is the failure to try." He continues, "Be ready for a rocky ride. It's not gonna be easy, so you need to embrace uncertainty. The truest measure of success is how one deals with adversity, so it's absolutely essential to expect that it's going to be tough, but to deal with it and to always try to find the actual gems in misfortunes. There's always opportunities there, so if you approach misfortune with the right mindset, you're always going to find an opportunity within that." Check out the full video for more of his insights, and be motivated!

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