Four Morning Brain Hacks To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

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It's time to wake up- there's a full day's work ahead, projects to catch up on, dates to go on, and friends to catch up with. You can hear your alarm clock for the third time and all you can do is groan. After an hour, you're finally up… but is that really the best way to start off your morning? The way you kick off your day explains everything about your lot in life. Are you content or are you hungry? The most successful people get their most productive work done in the early hours of the morning when everyone else is sound asleep. Warren Zevon said it best: "I'll sleep when I'm dead,"- not that you should skip sleep either. So how do you become a more successful and driven person? My answer is always the same: Be a morning person. Not everyone is born a morning person, but we can all become a morning person. While some among us require a swift push out of bed, we are all capable of jump-starting ourselves towards more productive days. Here are four morning brain hacks you can use to shift your goals into the fast lane:


1. Keep an arm's length from your alarm

If the snooze button is next to your pillow, you're likely to swat until it stops, and say five more minutes. Studies have shown you're not actually getting more rest with five more minutes of sleep. That requires REM sleep, which occurs after 30 minutes of uninterrupted sleep, something that isn't going to happen when your alarm is blaring every five minutes. The best thing to do to start your morning off is to set your phone or clock across the room where you'll be forced to get your body moving. Have it play the most annoying alarm sound available or music that you can't stand, so you move fast.

2. Open the blinds, bask in the morning light

Humans have evolved to operate on a circadian rhythm; to wake up with the sunrise dawn and fall asleep at dusk. We have to go out of our way to break this rhythm. We do so by staying up too late watching TV, checking email, and trying to get top score on Angry Birds with our smartphones. By keeping your iPad on, you're opening up your body to health problems like depression, the lowering of the immune system, and obesity. These are all real consequences that can affect your potential productivity in the long run. For a good night's rest, there can't be any distractions. Set your phone across the room, turn off the lights, shutter the blinds. You want complete darkness. When you wake up, you want the complete opposite. Open the blinds, turn on the lights, and blast your get-up-and-go music! Give yourself a reason to jump out of bed!

3. Take time to freshen up

Start your morning off feeling awake and alert with a shower. The act of showering releases dopamine, which is a neurochemical that puts you into a happier, more relaxed state. You'll have your best ideas in the shower because of it. There's the added benefit of starting your day off with a clean slate, which can make the difference between a productive day and one full of frustration.

4. Find a passion that you can't wait to get out of bed for

Remember what it was like being a kid on a Saturday morning. You couldn't wait to jump out of bed and watch Saturday morning cartoons! The exuberance to get up is something children have on most adults. Then again when was the last time you got up for a cartoon? You need to find that same excitement in projects and goals that you're passionate about. Find the drive that pushes you to leap out of bed before the alarm clock even sounds. While you're at it, build connections with others who are interested in the same aspirations as you. Create a support network that keeps you motivated and won't let you stop even when the days ahead are tough.

By adopting these four habits into your morning routine, you'll rewire yourself to be a more engaged, energized, and coolheaded person ready to take on the world all before breakfast