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How Edtech Platform Lectera Aims To Make Continuous Learning A Universally Accessible And Integral Part Of People's Lives A partner of the WE Convention, Lectera is an edtech platform whose comprehensive curriculum -with offerings in 15 languages- serves more than three million people from 65 countries.

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This article is from a special edition of Entrepreneur Middle East created for the 2024 edition of the Women's Empowerment Convention (WE Convention), staged by the WE Council. Check out the full publication here.

What are the advantages of Lectera when compared to other similar edtech solutions?

Perhaps the most important advantage we have to this day remains the fast education methodology, developed by the founder of the platform, Mila Smart Semeshkina, which is the basis of all our educational products.

An international team of highly professional individuals, including very strong methodologists and IT engineers, works on their creation. In addition, we invest significant resources in the localization of educational products, as we have 3.5 million learners from 65 countries around the world. Machine translation with neural networks is improving every year but is still not good enough for those who want to learn and master professional skills in their native language. Moreover, our users have the opportunity at any time to take a test and receive optimal recommendations for their further education and development, and we see how this testing truly helps people make accurate decisions.

What makes Lectera's offering so appealing to users?

We offer a quality product to each user, they receive it and give their feedback— most often distinctly positive, as evidenced by reviews on, for example. This tells us that our continuous work on the quality of our educational products is yielding results. Our users regularly receive up-to-date information about our new products and market trends, participate in webinars, and joint partnership programs that we launch. We focus on high-quality educational products and a thoughtful methodology, continuously updating our course catalog, and working with new educational formats that meet the challenges of the times. We aim to satisfy the needs of each individual user, considering their unique requirements, and to anticipate the type of education they need for a successful future.

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Lectera's advantage is the Fast Education methodology, developed by the founder of the platform, Mila Smart Semeshkina, which is the basis of all its educational products. Source: Lectera

How do we encourage more people to see the potential of edtech?

The Lectera team continuously promotes the potential of edtech, the necessity of lifelong learning, and the tools that facilitate integrating continuous education into everyday routines. On our platform,, we regularly publish articles on these topics to educate and inform a wider audience. Furthermore, Mila Smart Semeshkina, the founder of Lectera, plays a significant role in advocating for edtech through her public and journalistic activities. Particularly, as an invited speaker at prestigious international forums, she consistently draws attention to this important subject. By showcasing real-world examples, success stories, and the transformative impact of edtech, we aim to inspire and encourage more people to see its potential.

Mila Smeshkina, through her speaking engagements, engagements, highlights the crucial role edtech plays in today's fast-evolving educational landscape. Her presence in these forums brings a spotlight to the versatility and adaptability of edtech solutions in meeting various learning needs. Additionally, our commitment to disseminating knowledge about edtech and lifelong learning through serves as an educational resource.

This platform allows us to reach a global audience, providing insights and information that demystify edtech and demonstrate its practical applications in daily life. In essence, through a combination of thought leadership, educational content, and public engagement, we strive to enlighten a broad audience about the potential and benefits of edtech.

Our goal is to make continuous learning a universally accessible and integral part of people's lives, thereby fostering an environment where the pursuit of knowledge is continuous, adaptable, and seamlessly integrated with the demands of modern living.

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