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3 Entrepreneurial Lessons Every Aspiring Medical Entrepreneur Must Consider Dentists Dr. Juan Carlos Izquierdo DMD and Dr. Armand Amselem share insights from their evolution as doctorpreneurs

By Srivatsa KR

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Medical professionals are entrepreneurs in every sense of the word. From embarking on their careers to opening their practices to serving their patients, doctors are on a journey like every other entrepreneur. It requires creativity and dedication, and dentists Dr. Juan Carlos Izquierdo DMD and Dr. Armand Amselem have built strong practices utilizing tested business practices that are sometimes overlooked in the industry. Sharing their insights as doctorpreneurs, Dr. Izquierdo and Dr. Amselem explain how you can launch a successful medical career ready for the future.

Focus on preventative care

Preventative care has become a big part of the medical industry due mainly to patients' commitments to their overall well-being. "What we have done in our practice is take the necessary steps to inspire our patients to take their health into their own hands," says Dr. Izquierdo. "It gives our patients more confidence and better outcomes overall." Dr. Izquierdo maintains that when people take better care of themselves, they are happier, healthier, and feel that they can trust you as a provider.

Dr. Amselem feels very strongly about this as well. "When you focus on preventative care, your patients feel like you are more than just their dentist," explains Dr. Amselem. "They look to you as a trusted partner in their healthcare journey." When you add preventative care to your practice, you give your patients long-term solutions instead of just quick fixes. Understanding that your patient has chosen you as their provider is an honor in itself. Show them you genuinely care by caring about their life outside the chair.

Leverage social media

The medical industry is seeing a boom through social media, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Dr. Izquierdo explains how a social media presence is critical for doctors, dentists, and other professionals providing medical care. "If your patients are on social media, why aren't you?" asks Dr. Izquierdo. "Social media opens up a window to your approach and your business and gives people a chance to feel comfortable with you before they even walk through your practice door."

"It's true. If your practice isn't on social media, you are missing out on a huge chance to not only acquire new patients but educate them as well," says Dr. Amselem. "Social media allows us to provide valuable content to our patients and help maintain the relationship when they are not in the office." The engagement has proved invaluable to his businesses as he finds it the quickest way to get timely, relevant, and essential content out to his patients.

Build a culture around customer service

From your front desk to the chair, ensure that your patients feel comfortable during every part of their visit. "Medical care can make people anxious, and you want to take the time to ease their fears and address any concerns," states Dr. Izquierdo. "This is where top-notch customer service comes in." Culture starts with the provider and emanates throughout the entire practice. Dr. Izquierdo continues, "If your staff sees that you prioritize customer service, they will too." This is what keeps your patients coming back year after year.

Dr. Amselem agrees that customer service should be a top priority. "Some practices are cold, and they are just an endless rut of paperwork and rotating door of patients," states Dr. Amselem. "Those practices never last very long. Success lies in how well your patients feel cared for." On top of that, happy patients are more likely to refer you to their friends and family. Not only does customer service build a solid practice, but scales it as well, which Dr. Amselem maintains is very important to consider.

When it comes down to it, these three principles can help doctorpreneurs around the world meet their goals and serve their patients to the best of their abilities. Medicine is a highly specialized profession and can be scaled and built like any other business. It just has to be done the right way, and what Dr. Izquierdo and Dr. Amselem share are their insights on how to do it safely and efficiently.
Srivatsa KR

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