How Can You Build an Effective Content Distribution Strategy? Reaching maximum people is what drives an effective content distribution strategy

By Mayur Sethi

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"Don't worry if you're not where you want to be yet. Great things take time."

A content distribution strategy can be said useful only when it is reaching out to the correct set of audience. Supplying a premium product to a customer who's looking for something in the economy range, defeats the purpose. While the video consumption is on the rise, 33% of B2B companies use blogs and 23% of total Internet usage time is devoted to social networks or blogs. One of the most critical aspects which play a significant role in a strategy is "What is your target audience looking for?" Because, while an average person watches around 182 online videos per month if your website has blog posts ranging from 21-54 - the traffic generated can increase up to 30%. Several media formats have emerged in the recent times, such as, live interactions, 360-degree-view, interactive banners, et al. Understanding of audience type and which format do they prefer to consume, dramatically affects the success of a content distribution strategy.

The supply should be controlled for quality and progress because already 50% of content producers are generating more content than they can effectively manage.

"Everyone has got immense power, all you need to understand is how to channelise it."

And, after the content is produced, which platform to choose for floating the same comes in play. The industry moving on to the tangent of Converged Media is the next big thing. Today, we can't just rely on Paid, Earned or Owned, a mix of all three of them needs to be incorporated in building a better, robust, and effective content distribution strategy. To make it more auto-driven, one should also opt for tools like Buffer (Owned media), Outbrain (Paid media), and OnePress social Locker (Earned Media) to name a few. Once a company acquires traffic, they need to retain each and every one of them who visits their website. Keep it clean, direct, and segmented. A user doesn't prefers to go through multiple tabs or get redirected a couple of times before he or she gets to what they were looking for in the first place.

After you've understood the kind of audience you have, how to design your website (segmentation), how to interact with them, and how to make that content intuitive, comprises of the latter.

What does it take to build an effective content distribution strategy?

Segment your content in such a manner where the internet user directly sees it upfront and gets the solution of what s/he was looking in the first place - keep the interface clean. The content should be created/published in a manner where it directly speaks to your buyer's persona and gives no chance for them to distract. User-generated content, which not only adds value to the lives of the consumers but also makes them feel important in the content chain. In the process of developing one's targeted audience, establish an emotional connect, use the consumer's testimonies, their success stories; make them part of your content. It will intrigue your audience more to come back to your platform and contribute in whichever way they can, and you want to because then, all you have to do is hand over the opportunity for them to grab.

Simplicity is the key and when it comes to user experience, bombarding the visitor with everything, all at once, on a single page, spoils their visit. The first impression is the last impression, not the lasting one because he or she won't stay after seeing all the content, at once. Instead, give them your best content, create a trail after that and leverage it to lure every one of them to go through all the content you serve - one by one.

One at a time but, not all at once. Keep your website's content diverse and segmented, so that they are fed all types of formats and kinds of content but systematically - tailor-made intuitive content.

Mayur Sethi

Founder & CEO, advertiCe / YellowDigi

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