Is a Personal Injury Attorney Changing the Broadcasting App World with Relgic? People usually do not think of lawyers as entrepreneurs but read on and see why they may be wrong

By John Stanly

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First, who is attorney Joshua Wagner? With a quick look at his website, he looks like every other ambulance chaser you see all over billboards and TV commercials and hear on the radio. He calls himself an ambulance chaser so I am not being condescending. And, just for the proverbial record, he is on billboards, radio and TV commercials. To make it even more stereotypical, he is also a former politician - I can't make this up. The fact that he was a sex crimes prosecutor at one point in his career makes me like him a little. Either way, he has the highest verdict ($150,000,000) in his area so he must be doing something right.

Second, who is entrepreneur Joshua Wagner? He is a guy that went to the University of Florida and earned an advertising degree before becoming a lawyer. Wait, a PI lawyer that has a degree in advertising? Fitting. He also years ago co-founded a digital marketing agency, Placement Labs, to handle his personal injury firm's digital marketing needs. His marketing agency has now grown into a full service agency that handles a wide mix of big name clients nationwide. Now it makes sense that Mr. Wagner won a shoe design contest with Hurley while in Law School at UF and was showcased at Fashion Week in LA.

Third, what is Relgic? Not to be confused with relic that your spellcheck thinks in red. Relgic means RELationship loGIC. The app is strange in a very unique and cool way in how it works with relationship logic. I guess that is why he has three patents for Relgic. I read them and all I could think of was how long until one of the big three social media companies buys Relgic and incorporates some of his brilliant claims.

Fourth, how does Relgic work? The best way to understand Relgic is to think of it as a set of two games taking place at the same time:

Game'ish 1, if there are more than two people that want to broadcast on a channel, then they compete to broadcast. A broadcaster in the queue gets points for sharing their desire to broadcast and who they bring to the channel to watch (1 point for each person). They share it on their phone in a neat way that allows them to utilize all the conversation tech on their phone (texting and any apps that allow communication) - it's a simple click. The person with the most points will be the next broadcaster when the person broadcasting in the channel is done.

If there are more than two people trying to broadcast, the tech gets super wicked. Relgic has some patented superhero geotech going on (might be a villain, not sure yet). I think the government is going to steal their code for missile launching. If there are more than two people that want to broadcast after someone, it creates a geo-donut that will black out five miles around the present broadcaster and then only let in potentials if they are less than 25 miles around a broadcaster. This is so the broadcasting would move around the country and world. Nothing like this has ever existed in a broadcasting app (or any app for that matter). The brilliance of it is simple and all the broadcasting apps in the past missed it up until now. He was smart enough to get a patent on this part. I guess that is the lawyer side of him.

Game'ish 2, a broadcaster gets two minutes on a channel and gets another two minutes if the voters watching give the broadcaster 50% +1 votes. The extra two minutes keeps happening as long as the votes are there. Josh obviously got this idea from being a politician (who never lost an election in his earlier political life). What Josh created is brilliant. He created a way for the content to always be good, if not great. And, when it is bad, the uncomfortable countdown of time might be the greatest part (people begging for upvotes live). Why did no one think of doing an app that is a constant talent show? All the other live broadcasting apps failed to reach their potential because the content was not good for live broadcasting or people did not know they were missing out on a great live broadcast. Relgic fixes it by applying the cane to pull someone off the stage and the ability to encore a broadcast.

That all being said, Relgic is not going to be the giant elephant in the room, YouTube. Josh said he will always use YouTube for how to check his truck alternator in Nicaragua or how to put on the excavator attachment on a John Deere tractor (both were recently watched by him). Relgic is more for entertainment value like people that want to broadcast them quitting their job or showing the world a Karen blowing up. Relgic is something that you feel like you will miss. Sometimes you will get a push notification that a person is waking up someone on the WAKE UP channel (if you follow the channel or the waker) or sometimes you will get a notification that your friend needs you to check in so they can get a point to broadcast.

There are a couple parts that I do not have an opinion on yet.

Relgic does not have public comments. Josh said it is because the broadcasting should be the focus and that friends can comment in text feeds. He is also big into anti bullying. In his opinion, voting someone down is all that needs to be done if you don't like it.

Relgic does not store videos. Josh said it is because the type of content should be watched live. If people want that type of programming, YouTube is the best. However, Relgic is for live broadcasting. It's like the Super Bowl. It should be watched live. Josh also says that Relgic is a springboard to other social media where broadcasters can port followers (broadcasters have a bio page where people can follow them on other social media). So, Josh is going a different route than other social media. He is creating a bridge to them. This is VERY different from anything I have seen. He is trying to not be the competition. Again, who is Joshua Wagner!

In the end, Relgic has some amazingly forward thinking tech from an entrepreneurial mind - even if it was from a personal injury lawyer in Daytona Beach. My guess is that Relgic will be the place where live broadcasting and casters will be found. Check it out at or download the app on apple and android.
John Stanly

Start-up mentor

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