The Tech Virtuoso Attaining break-even, Accubits has raised a $30K seed investment in 2016.

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Jithin V.G, CEO, Accubits Technologies

Jithin being a first-gen entrepreneur, believes that the vision to enable all humans to be creative and relieve them of mediocrity is what makes them stand out. Accubits has taglined its vision as "7 Billion Creative Minds' which goes on to prove that Accubits is not willing to be "another software company' or a "money-making machine'. Accubits wants to foster a community of change makers who will think out of the box, help people as well as are problem solvers. After dropping out of college twice while his friends graduated from college in 2016, they decided to start software development services via Accubits as they could no longer depend on the pocket money to work on their projects as they needed to create a revenue flow, to keep the idea of Accubits alive. In the initial stages, Accubits got the opportunity to work with large government agencies from the Middle East and MNCs like Nissan and Toyota in the United States as well as Canadian markets and things started gathering momentum from there. The expertise of Accubits in AI landed them a lot of clients.

According to Jithin, their company is built on gradual succession and growth of ideas rather than one eureka moment. Jithin and his friends from school age shared an ambition to leave a mark on humanity by doing something great. Having a profound interest in theoretical physics in his high school days, Jithin realised that technology will help him make a big impact in the world in the shortest time possible and started working on innovative hardware products followed by software products that had the potential to disrupt industries. Formed in 2012, Accubits was a name which gave the group and the people to stick together while working on ideas. "Back then, launching a product startup in India and taking it to success was way harder that what it is today. Of course, all these products failed miserably."

According to Jithin, 2021 has been a great year for Accubits as the strength of the company more than doubled during the period. The company looks to hire 500 more people in the first quarter of 2022 with a strength of already being just over 500 people. Being recognized on the basis of innovation, brand value, brand recall, consumer satisfaction, customer service & quality, the company has gone from strength to strength. They have served over 1000 customers worldwide. Some of the major clients we have worked with include - NASA, United States Postal Services, Smart Dubai, Dubai Land Department, US homeland security, Dubai Police, Nissan and many more Federal agencies and large corporations since they started software development services in 2016.

Accubits launched their research and development wing of Accubits that focuses on Biotechnology and AI research. The company introduced this new concept to foster the innovation and creator culture. This initiative is called Return of Innovation Positive or ROI+, an initiative which was created to celebrate the innovators in community and foster a culture that amplifies innovative and creative ideas. Attaining break-even, Accubits has raised $30K seed investment in 2016. They are seeking investment for their research and development team, Accubits Invent. However, they are not looking for investments for Accubits.

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