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Draw Your Line Longer for Business Undertakings We need to build room for bigger achievements therefore and play the game to fullest.

By Ritu Marya

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Growth can either be an outcome of business done well or it can be seen as a business goal. Every business owner defines success differently, and for some the need for increased funding, diversifying a product line or more customers or employees is evaluated based on their competitor's business style then their own business plan.

It is not as if the business counsel is against it or you should not do it for your business growth but the question to ask yourself is what business cycle you want to be in and what capabilities would you like to develop. It often reminds me of the small fable by Birbal who once said draw your own line bigger, is a good lesson for business, work and life.

Your success will come from the line you will draw for your business undertakings and often times it is bigger and better then your close or distant competitors. This is particularly more true of women entrepreneurs in India, who often limit the size of their ambition and find complacency in their entrepreneurial status quo much too early in their undertakings. We need to build room for bigger achievements therefore and play the game to fullest.

Our special this month is our report on women entrepreneurs who are champions of India's vibrant entrepreneurship scene and as advocates of diversity and work force empowerment, these ground-breaking women are making a big difference in business today. While in 2017, and years forward, there will be no shortage of bold, brave and brilliant female entrepreneurs to watch and learn from, for our current issue we have picked up 23 women to watch who are polished, poised and prepared to take over Indian business scene by storm.

Our cover face is a woman of influence, India's leading Bollywood face Aushkha Sharma who could put an IITian to shame when she talks strictly business. Her attitude, which says making films is as enjoyable as acting, her crystal realisation that aging is merceiless in this industry and therfore you cannot be content with acting alone and her eagerness to take on all related business sides of acting and establish herself as an entrepreneur in a couple of years is mind-blowing to say the least.

What's more entrepreneurship can sometimes simply be coed and couples by many measures can surpass individual mettle in the zeal and tenacity with which they pursue a business. Our special on couple-preneurs features such star entrepreneurs who have set an example of co-living and co-working together and built progressive enterprises in the process.

(This article was first published in the March issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. To subscribe, click here)

Ritu Marya

Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Media (APAC & India)

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