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Tips to Improve Quality Analysis in App Development A proper resource allocation is a must for an efficient running of the quality analysis process

By Divyendra Kumar

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For any product's life cycle, Quality Analysis is the primary key which forms an integral component in any app's development life cycle. If there is no adequate analysis of the quality of your mobile app, no matter how hard you work on other aspects, all your efforts will surely go in vain. With the present day market being in full force, every other developer is bringing new apps in the app market which is only worsening the competition. As a result, only the apps which are well built based on the guidelines will find an edge over others.

Thus, for deploying a well-built app in the market, Quality is an aspect which shouldn't be compromised in any case.

1. Expert Team to Test Apps

A team which has a vast amount of experience and skills should be appointed for Quality Testing purpose. If the team members have a well set of testing skills, they can tackle any quality issue to sheer effect. Also, the team members should be able to build the test cases which stands as the core component in quality testing criteria. Further, identification of requirements, fixing the bugs and process planning must be inculcated by the respective testing team.

2. Conducting Multiple Tests before the Actual Launch

Testing composes of a dozen techniques among which Integration, Regression, Load, Stress, Localization, system testing forms the basis of any testing process. With the help of such testing, testers find out the possible issue, resolve the bug and then move for further assessment. The more, any app passes through the tests, higher are the chances of it being successful in the app market.

3. Quality Analysis on Product Launch

If you are a developer or a tester, you already know that you are loaded with a heck of responsibilities which should be fulfilled before the product launch. Thus, quality Analysis is a criterion which should be given a special attention when compared with the other one. Right before the product launch, analyzing the quality aspects with some quality tools can ease down the risk of app failure in the app market.

4. Different QA Approach in Startups and Enterprises

Startups and Enterprises are contradictions of each other. Every Enterprise was once a startup which worked hard to attain the heights and success they always desired off. Hence, if there is a startup company, they will need to invest in some short-term goals for quality management and work on every minute aspect to gain the best out of it.

For enterprises, the working process changes a bit. They have a more significant budget where there are many investors, and quality management is done on a larger scale. As far as QA is concerned, it needs to streamline their processes and keep each one of them nimble and relevant.

5. Schedule or Budgetary limits become a Hurdle for an effective testing

A sufficient budget is needed to test the quality of an app successfully. As investors, people should deploy a budget which is flexible and which does not run out of money under any circumstances. Under a tight budget, it becomes challenging for the developers to go in all types of comprehensive testing. Thus, if the efforts fail, it will leave a bad reputation on them. All in all, it goes hand in hand. If the clients want a quality mobile app, they will need to provide an excellent budget which is flexible in every phase of mobile app development.

6. Quality Analysis does require a proper resource Allocation

For a successful quality analysis, there should be an expert QA professional between every 4 developers, and it will depend on the number of requirement as well as features. In a critical case, the project may require automated regression testing and may need the additional resources. Also, during the end of each sprint, testing should be done on a regular basis. At last, the app launch strategy should be stable before as there might be cases when you need to launch an app at the scheduled time. Thus, a proper resource allocation is a must for an efficient running of the quality analysis process.

7. Quality Analysis can lower the overall mobile application development cost

If you have done the quality analysis following every right norms and regulation, it can lower the total cost of mobile app development. With the help of a controlled project life cycle and every quality metric fitted in the right place, you may see a significant downfall in cost.

No matter how hard you put in the efforts for making an app, without a well planned Quality Analysis strategy, the success rate of an app stares at uncertainty. Hence, go through the above-listed top seven tips, implement them in your app development process and guide your app on the road to popularity and success.

Divyendra Kumar

Founder & Director WritoMozo | Co-founder & Director SoftoMozo

Divyendra Kumar is an entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of effectively managing senior leadership positions in the computer software industry. Passionate about startups, he is involved in his two service-based startups focused on app/web development, Branding, Marketing. An M.tech from IIT Delhi, His education, work and life allow him to consult entrepreneurs from across the globes on technology and marketing.
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