Abandoning the Discomfort of the Unmentionables! Let it out in the open

It is a whole new world of opportunities and communication for this industry

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That the way we live, do business and sustain our lifestyles is totally driven by technology is no secret. Using predictions, forecasting by Artificial Intelligence and churning out algorithms to magnify pain problems in energy conservation, water management, electricity, security is no big deal. However, are businesses shying away from exploring technological advances, aggressive marketing strategies to escalate the awareness and sales in the "unmentionables' industry?

It is not uncommon to shift in our seats uncomfortably during a commercial that unobtrusively hints at the marketing of a condom brand, sanitary pads, lice treatment, digestion troubles, pregnancy tests, underwear or even vaginal care. Marketers cannot escape the reality of discomfiture; it becomes challenging for them to lure and convince customers into buying products for the brand. One may ask, how is technology linked to brand selling of unmentionable products? It's because there are still some people who are awkward to shout out "Whisper' when checking for inventory or asking for it over the counter.

It is Time to Bring it Out in the Open…

Look at it this way - the internet was basically born to avoid buying embarrassing products in a rather awkward "over-the-counter' experience. There is a certain sense of assured mental annotation when you buy something called "PeeSafe'. "Manforce' will serve the necessary purpose and yes, "Pampers' will protect your baby's number one and two needs.

Is coining terms really necessary? Why not just call it a "menstrual pad' rather than "Whisper'? More than a sales pitch, it turns out to be a plea. It is one of the best ways to make "taboo things' no longer be a taboo and let it out in the open for everyone to experience. Even the eponymous "unmentionables' industry is an outcome of an effort to normalize things.

It is a whole new world of opportunities and communication for this industry. New terms are coined to ensure that consumers feel relatively "comfortable' asking, speaking and discussing these products.

Also, brands take paramount efforts to ensure that you don't feel like the only one going through troubles or discomfort. In that sense, consumers have a sense of relief that these problems are omnipresent, get validation that they do exist and gain immense trust in your brand offerings if you are out there, rapaciously marketing your brand. For instance, a boob sweat pad or vaginal wash care soap are some of the many products that women barely considering putting in their cart out of embarrassment. But secretly, they are in need.

Have a Look

Let's look at one of the other awkward products that make you cringe – a menstrual cup. When performance and cost-effectiveness are at loggerheads, disruptive innovation is put to test. At the outset, how are you going to sell this product out in the open and why will women leave the safe bet of disposable pads and tampons? In this case, a menstrual cup lasts a lifetime and brands capitalize on the "environmentally friendly' factor to evangelize the attitude of users; in this case, the whole women population.

In this day and age, the unmentionables industry is rapidly reaching out. They are doing two things – though embarrassing, they are honestly selling their product and second, they are exploring the Internet of Things (IOT). Brands are becoming more honest about what they are giving to customers thus making consumers confident about using the product and accelerating the awareness of their brand.

The IOT is a pretty impressive world out there. With E-commerce channels and social media, you are bound to find groups that are considering looking/buying a product and thus have the same buying potential. The human race is inherently social. However, you may also find hundreds of people who fear to leave behind digital footprints. To those, your only way out is to don those dark glasses and hope nobody clears their throat to announce what you just bought!

Anupriya Kapur

Co-Founder Imbue

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