How Digital Businesses Can Stay Relevant

There is a dire need for a solution that is responsive, location-based and optimized for enabling business discovery.

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By Arpan Samuel Ramtek • Oct 19, 2017

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As we all know, businesses face several hurdles to get an effective digital presence. This includes investing time and effort in creating an impactful website, keep the content fresh, updating of business relevant content in real time, online discovery, generating potential leads and subsequent conversion. There is a dire need for a solution that is responsive, location-based and optimised for enabling business discovery.

There are solutions today available that can help digital businesses to automate their engagement with stakeholders and prompt website updates powered by machine learning, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

The Internet landscape is extremely dynamic and is continuously changing. A business website or a digital blueprint created even 2 to 4 years ago is not relevant or acceptable to consumers, especially if the website is a small business. If a business wants people to visit their website, log on, make a purchase or just simply engage with it, they have to make the website interactive and exciting enough and also make the experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Binge surfing is quite real.

It is a no-brainer that today, high quality, relevant and meaningful well-crafted and well-designed content drives traffic to a website, generate leads and ultimately leads to better profits for the business in question. For this, regular updates are necessary to remain relevant and up to date with the market trend. While regularly adding new content such as blog posts and landing pages is an important marketing strategy to up the SEO, updating website pages are also indispensable to drive new traffic to your site and retain existing users.

Fresh, relevant and updated content delivers accurate and reliable information to business's stakeholders. Users want content that must address their specific queries and deliver value. They want information that is helpful and to the point. Thus, businesses should continually strive to provide interactive and engaging content so that the user is tempted to share via links and social media.

Additionally, the content should be fool-proof, devoid of grammatical errors, incorrect statistics or unnecessary details that could lead to misinformation or mislead users. If the content is new and contains well-researched information, prospective users are likely to come in and do business.

Updates and new content boost authority and share of voice. Expertise, authoritativeness and trust (EAT) are factors that Google use while ranking and judging a website and these are easier to accomplish if you display content that is valuable and in-sync. All online industry leaders make it a point to offer content that is informative, relevant and targeted to specific questions that the industry may have.

Many online marketers also pay heed to the fact that pages rich in graphs and statistics, even the ones created long ago, especially those which garner a good amount of views and are high-ranking - are periodically revised so that data is current and up to date. Pages must be exceptional and helpful if you want your business to be trending and be on top of generic searches. Users will learn to trust you and keep coming back if the readership experience that you're offering is class apart.

Web crawlers surf the internet to discover new and updated pages, index websites according to methodical processes and a multitude of algorithmic factors. They index sites that contain new links and edit out those that contain outdated information.

Content freshness leads to quick and frequent indexing. When sites are regularly updated, search engines take notice and reevaluates and redoes the ranking. The more frequently content is updated, the more frequently the website gets indexed. Frequent and timely indexing gives one the opportunity to come up in the ranking gradient, considering the old website pages are helpful and relevant new copy.

Arpan Samuel Ramtek

Product Manager for ANA, NowFloats

Arpan Samuel Ramtek is the Product Manager at NowFloats, a location-based online discovery platform which helps businesses get discovered. Arpan's chief responsibilities include driving product innovation and developing unique solutions from the ground up. He is responsible for merchant engagement on the platform thru RIA (Relationship Intelligence Agent) and is heading ANA which is the World's First Open-Source ChatBot Framework. 

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