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When You Work With A Strong Vision, Goals Become A Reality: Proved By This Young Entrepreneur Of Dubai Said by a young visionary entrepreneur Ibrahim Assad, founder of Dubai's top-notch luxury car rental company MasterKey Rent A Car

By John Stanly

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Most of the time, what we hear from people around us is how one needs to change lifestyle and inculcate great habits to create a more fulfilling life for oneself and eventually get near success. However, these are not the only things that people must focus on, say a few success stories across industries of the world. Each passing day comes with a new headline about a modern-day entrepreneur or professional who believed in his visions and aspirations and thus went ahead in attaining the same. These individuals are those who, apart from working around great habits and virtues, have been taking the unusual roads to carve a unique niche for themselves in their respective fields. Incredible visions are what leads individuals to be known as ingenious entrepreneurs. Young business mind who across the UAE, especially Dubai, has been making waves with his luxury car rental business, Ibrahim Assad exhibits similar traits.

Starting with just five cars to now owning 105 luxury cars and planning to buy 50 more soon is something only a visionary could have done, and that's what this young entrepreneur is all about. Ibrahim Assad confesses how he was bowled by what other big men did in the business world, showing a bold, strong, and energetic personality while being creative at heart. That's what he tried to be when he decided to get his hands deeper into his business, which today is an exceptional success story in the UAE. On the success that he has earned so far, Ibrahim Assad says that it was all his visions that led his goals to become a reality for him, and that's what he advises many other budding talents to focus on.

He points out that there are a few things that budding entrepreneurs must work around to emerge as a leader in their fields. Ibrahim Assad says, "You need to have a broader vision, which is the first thing that you should focus on, to also make the team believe in the same and work towards it. Another important point is to be adaptive to change. This is a great virtue of modern-day entrepreneurs as they alter strategies and techniques as per the trends of their industry to keep up their game."

Adding further, the young entrepreneur, who has a net worth of 47 million dollars, explains that people must also welcome changes and developments in their industry and, instead of only following the traditional ways of running a business, must broaden their mindsets to explore new technologies and ways that can get them nearer their visions. He also states, "Having strong opinions is quite essential in a business. People must have clarity in their thoughts and viewpoints and fearlessly share the same with their team to get to the right solutions in the business."

Ibrahim Assad, who proved to the world that success could come to a person at any stage in life, has always thrived on his strong visions and beliefs, which is why his business "Masterkey Rent A Car" is a true success.
John Stanly

Start-up mentor

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