Can You Learn Entrepreneurship Or Are People Born With It?

Leadership skills are inborn and it only can be bettered with learning and experience.One should know that there is a difference between learning a skill and mastering it.

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An Entrepreneur Has To be a leader


If people were born with entrepreneurial skills, then why should one pay for college? This is often a topic of debate. Leadership skills are inborn and it only can be bettered with learning and experience. One should know that there is a difference between learning a skill and mastering it. Anybody can learn a skill but mastering it is a talent. In this fast-paced world, without mastering a skill, one cannot reach great heights and cannot climb the ladder of success.

One Cannot Succeed As An Entrepreneur If He Or She Is Led

Studies have indicated that there may be an "entrepreneur gene" or at least that people with certain characteristics and personality traits are more likely to be successful entrepreneurs than others. Scott Shane, a professor of entrepreneurial studies at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University, suggests that genes don't just influence whether a person will start a business; they may even determine how much money a person will earn. In other words, some people are just born to be alpha wolves and the rest will be led by them.

An Entrepreneur Needs To Know How To Get Work Done

People are born with musical or athletic talents. They just learn to better it. Just like tone-deaf individuals cannot sing, a person without charisma, integrity, honesty, vision and courage cannot become an entrepreneur. Steve Jobs isn't even a graduate but his inborn leadership skills made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He may not know how to do the work but his leadership skills allow him to get the work done by others. An entrepreneur needs to know how to get work done by others.

It Takes A Lot More Than Acquired Knowledge

People who are born with these skills will excel naturally while others will just be a fish out of water and may just struggle to reach the same point. Yes, people can learn how to become entrepreneurs, but then they must have the inborn ability to learn things faster than others. Parts of leadership skills can be learnt but majority of it cannot be taught. It takes a lot more than some sophisticated power point presentations and some crisp words on text books to become an entrepreneur.

Time And Place Are Crucial Determinants

Being a successful entrepreneur also depends on the place and time. The right place and the right time can make an entrepreneur a successful one. Maybe an entrepreneur has skills and charisma but the time might not be right or maybe the place won't let him prosper. Like starting up a new business in a small town might not be the right thing to do as the people might not be open to new ideas.

Entrepreneurship Requires Talent

Entrepreneurship is an art and not a science. It is a set of innate traits that is perfected with time through learning and experience. Not everyone can be a good entrepreneur just like not everyone can be a good actor. Nothing can turn a follower into a leader. It is a matter of choice. It is more like a crude talent which needs to be refined.