The Art Of Building A Vegan Brand 'We need to stop killing animals in the name of fashion'

By Nina Lekhi

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Many brands are imbibing new practices and ideas to create a different standpoint in the market to enhance their brand value and visibility.

Adding new colors, patterns or materials have been a day-to-day phenomenon for almost every lifestyle and fashion brand. Then why not make them eco-friendly and cruelty-free while maintaining the same trends and fashion shifts?

The business vision of brands should be to reach out and cater to the fast growing India by setting new benchmarks. One of it should be to change people's perspective of the brand by standing up for a cause like being committed to not using leather or materials derived from animals. This will surely be appreciated and bought by the Indian consumer of all age groups as people are now moving from using leather to synthetic & recyclable product.

Being Vegan

Turning vegan is a lifestyle choice and a step towards environment friendly and animal welfare. For the sake of fashion, food and luxury, animals are neglected, genetically manipulated and put on drug regimens that cause chronic pain and crippling deformities.

They are transported through all weather extremes and killed in gruesome and violent ways. Being vegan is the best way to stop these atrocities. We need to stop killing them in the name of fashion. Not only animals, going vegan helps us to keep the Earth healthy too.

Then why wait, let's go Vegan!

Need For Vegan Brands

One way you can go vegan is through fashion by using bags and accessories made from eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials like PVC, denim material, PU fabric or faux leather, semi PU and organic cotton which are better alternatives.

There are a couple of international and national brands who have turned vegan and are successful. Now with technological upgrades and accessibility to various raw materials turning your brand vegan and eco-friendly is much easier.

Leather, fur, skins and other animal materials contribute to a multifaceted environmental crisis. Considering this, many brands should shift from leather to faux leather. They must start to make efforts to craft stylish, on-trend accessories and apparels made from recyclable, cruelty-free, and sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly and not harmful.

These fabrics provide the required oomph, but devoid the harm that animal based products bring along with it. Using these materials will be a great way to contribute towards the well-being of the environment and animals as well.

Stop Animal Cruelty

It is grotesque that animals are tortured and killed for clothes, handbags and accessories you use. So many animals are subjected to harsh atrocities, but all this can be avoided by making the right choice of opting for vegan fashion. Brands can run campaigns and outdoor branding which can help and add to the stop cruelty and push the cause further.

Brands can make it a point to mix fashion and functionality together, and make sure to keep in mind the needs of the modern consumer.

Sustaining Perception Of A Vegan Brand In The Market

With the rise of sustainable fabrics and materials market players are keeping in mind the benefits of using it. These are becoming excellent alternatives. Vegan brands must encourage people to celebrate a greener and sustainable lifestyle with eco-friendly choices, and provide your support to the larger ecological causes.

As a market player and part of the retail world, it is important to push your brand towards healthy manufacturing processes and converting them into harmless products. Everyone has a right to live, so do animals.

Nina Lekhi

MD and Chief Design Curator, Baggit

Nina Lekhi, MD and Chief Design Curator, Baggit, is an entrepreneur by profession and a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs had started her journey from scratch. She has built a popular vegan bag and accessories brand over the years. Recently, the author has launched her biography called Bag it All, which recounts her inspirational journey. 

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