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Bust Stress & Build Resilience With These Proven Techniques Cultivating own resilience is needed to manage stress in a long run

By Kamalika De

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The journey of an entrepreneur is often filled with stress. Being in the shoes of an entrepreneur, you need to be in charge of leading people in the industry, make important decisions, and decide the fate of your business with your actions, and above all, you will probably have a remarkable chunk of your personal savings invested in the entire project. When you have to take responsibility for all these situations, it is not mandatory that all situations will go in your favor. As a result, you face stress in life.

For many entrepreneurs, the initial response to stress is to seek external fixes. They opt for productivity tools or applications that claim to help them managing mounting pressures. Another way they choose to manage stress is to alleviate the initial discomfort by hiring a new employee or switching the business option. But these options offer ineffective and temporary solutions only. Managing stress over a long-term needs cultivating your own resilience expertise before finding any external solution so that you can transform change, stress, and challenge into an opportunity.

But how exactly can you cultivate resilience to manage stress? Today, in this post, the discussion will be about 5 proven ways an entrepreneur can build resilience to bust stress effectively.

So, without further ado, let's dive in.

Determine The Root Cause of Stress

In an entrepreneurial journey, stress comes from many places, both inside your organization and from beyond the office walls. A business itself proffers more than enough possible stress points. Co-founders, business partners, board members, investors, suppliers, competitors, customers, government agencies, even macroeconomic fluctuations can defocus you. And you cannot just escape any of these. The main feature of stress is it may originate from a single source but often leaks into the other. And as a result, it is possible for you to bring your office stress to home, which has a bad influence on your personal life. Similarly, if you bring personal stress to your workplace, it can hamper your overall productivity and create barriers to reaching your business goal. Thus, you need to determine the root cause of stress first instead of letting yourself feel victimized. This will help you go for the right solution.

Know What You Can Control and What You Can't

Be it personal life or professional life, you cannot have control over everything. Entrepreneurs refusing this truth become control freaks. They micromanage, refuse to delegate tasks and try to force their employees to change. They think if they get the control over other people and the situations they find themselves in, they can avert bad things from happening. But this thought doesn't make them feel carefree at all. They continue worrying about everything and this keeps them occupied. Eventually, they waste their time and energy into nothing and become more stressful unnecessarily. Therefore, when you find yourself stressful or worrying, determine the things you can control and the things you cannot. When you put your time and energy into the things that you have control over, you will become more productive and effective. And never force other people to change in your way. Be a leader, set healthy boundaries for yourself and try to focus on changing your own behavior in order to influence other people in your organization and the circumstances.

Learn to Mold When You Can't Control

Staying stubborn with the things you cannot control and expecting that those things or circumstances will change in your favor is utter foolishness and waste of time. Also, this practice may make you feel more worried and stressful. Jignesh Gohel, the founder at OLBUZ, believes that handling stress is an art and one can master this art by various techniques. "For me, the best strategy to overcome the stress is believing that "The Glass has Already Been Broken"! As you know that glass is a fragile element and when you buy any expensive glass showpiece and it breaks, it hurts. But what if we think that the showpiece has already been broken from the day first! Yes, it won't hurt that much when it really breaks", Jignesh shared. He suggested that moulding your own self is highly important when you cannot control something. "When we face any problem which we can't control, rather than taking the stress, start working on the most possible ways to solve it and over a period of time, you will come out of it", he added.

Do Networking to Seek Professional Help

With increasing demand at work, sometimes you can't just manage everything by yourself. And this may make you feel stressed out and anxious. Minimizing the anxiety through professional help can be a wise idea. Tuhin Bhatt, the founder at Intelivita, agrees that sometimes even an entrepreneur must reach out and ask for help. "When things get tough and hard times hit, reaching out to those and finding others in the same sector and industry as you help in building a community spirit, and offer a release from the view that you're not the only one who struggles", shared Tuhin.

Do Exercise and Meditation

Exercise improves your overall health and sense of wellbeing. Be it yoga, meditation, running or weight training, moderate exercise in every form can act as a stress reliever. Being active can boost the production of endorphins and keep your mind away from daily worries.

"I am regularly doing exercise for at least 1 hour every day which helps me focus more on my work and handle stress", Jignesh shared.

By following these practices, an entrepreneur can be better equipped to turn the stress and challenges into opportunities. Tuhin believes that "Entrepreneurial journey is dipped in challenges and new benchmarks. At some point in our journey, we all feel lost. However, what separates an entrepreneur from others is the skill of not losing the grip and find a solution instead of cursing the odds. Afterall, not always outcome can be the way you presumed it to be."

Thus, building strong resilience inside can improve your personal and professional life and help you find solutions to the business pressures you face.

Kamalika De

Freelancer, Entrepreneur India

An independent writer and journalist, Kamalika De regularly contributes to various leading online platforms. She has founded DoQuickly to offer simple hacks to do things quickly.

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