#7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Luxury Fashion Marketplace

Creating a persona of your audience is a must to have a clear picture and for better communication

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By Rashi Menda • Nov 20, 2017


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There are two important things you need to be sure of before you start.

1. Is there a need in the market for your product?

2. Do you know who your customer is and what their needs are? Creating a persona of your audience is a must to have a clear picture and for better communication.

Facebook - Facebook has grown in leaps and bounds as a platform for digital marketers and especially for fashion industry. On Facebook it is all about right targeting, you call sell anything on Facebook if you know your audience. In this specific category following are the few targeting options that could work your way if you do it right:

1. Indians who frequently travel to International destinations

2. People who own the latest iPhone

3. People who follow international luxury sites (as we don't have many in India)

There are a lot more different targeting options that could work brilliantly for luxury segment and if you know your customer you can target them on Facebook. If you find something is working (based on the data your conversion pixel collected), go ahead and create similar audience of that targeting to make most of the platform. You can always use remarketing and/or create similar audience for your recent buyers.

AdWords - The paid wing of search giant can definitely be used to get some targeted traffic though in my opinion it is not as efficient as Facebook when it comes to acquiring new customers. The obvious way is to target different keywords and competitors to get targeted traffic. You can also target the apps that fall under your competition or similar segment to capture traffic that would be interested in your product or use In-market segment and find people who match the persona you created before. Remarketing is important here also to re-engage the traffic that is lost.

Search - Search is a big untapped resource in India as we don't have many platforms selling luxury fashion. It is easy to capture a spot on first page of Google search and if you target right keywords you will get significant amount of traffic who are searching with an intent to make a purchase.

Influencers - Fashion influencers have become a big part of selling fashion in digital era and there is no reason why luxury market can't take advantage of this. Find the influencers who specifically cater to your audience and take their help in promoting your products. These influencers could be bloggers or celebrities as long as they can elevate the brand and/or sell the product.

Magazines - Magazines are still a strong force when it comes to marketing fashion and/or lifestyle. A well placed magazine ad or article can get you a lot of relevant traffic

Referrals - Referral marketing will bring like minded people to the website who might also be interested in your product. Referrals become much more important when you are dealing with a niche market like luxury fashion in India.

Service/Experience - Providing top notch service and guided experience is very important when you are dealing with luxury, your customer excepts nothing less than the best. This will help you retain your customers and create an entry barrier for other players to enter the segment as people who consume luxury tend to care more for service and quality over price. This will also boost the word-of-mouth.
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